Thunder and Lightning.

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"Capture On!" I immediately cried.

As Raikou tried to pounce on me, I sidestepped and tried to loop the Capture Disc around him. I was making good progress with looping the Capture Line, but Raikou wasn't responding to my capture attempt. Since he was agitated, he wasn't responding to my friendship.

I did the only thing that I could think of to get my intentions across to Raikou: I took my Styler off and dropped it. Rand gave a shout in protest and Raikou looked at me quizically.

I started to step foward cautiously. Raikou tried to hit me with lightning, so I tried to dodge it without making too many sudden movements, leaving my right sleeve singed.

The Legendary Pokemon stopped attacking me, seeing that I wasn't fighting back. I inched closer and closer to him until I could touch his muzzle, then I stopped. This could be the end of my left hand. Raikou, noticing my hesitation, eyed me, then pushed his muzzle underneath my hand. Did this mean that he trusted me now? I gently rubbed my hand along his muzzle.

As soon as my fingers brushed against his short yellow fur, a bright light filled the area around me and Raikou. I saw a wierd symbol that looked pretty awesome, if I may say so myself.

"You have returned." A deep voice said.

I glanced around. "Rand? Rand did you say something?"

The light died out and the Raikou seemed to look me directly in the eyes before it ran off. My gaze lingered at the spot where Raikou had stood moments before.

"Summer? Summer, are you okay?" Rand asked, shaking me out of my daze.

I blinked at him. "Huh?"

"Did you see something in that bright light just then?" He asked.

I nodded. "It was a symbol of some sort."

"What? Are you sure? I didn't see anything." Rand said. Then he probably didn't hear the voice either. Maybe I'm just seeing and hearing things.

"Well, at any rate... Mission Clear!" He declared and I spun around and did my pose. It just occured to me that that was the first time that I did a Mission Clear pose without Ben... It's not the same.

Ben's been on my mind a lot lately... Sure, he's missing and I'm worried... But shouldn't he have turned up by now? Yeah, it's been maybe a day (Considering how long I had been unconscious on that beach) since we were seperated, but me and Ben were never seperated for long. My sister and her fiance, Keith, liked to say that we were joined at the hip. Then Keith would say that it reminded him of their relationship when they were my age.
Shaking my head of these thoughts, I followed Rand back down the Tower. At the gates, Leanne and Nema were waiting for us.

"Great going, guys! We saw the whole thing from down here!" Nema said. "Including the part where they ran away like a bunch of wusses!"

"Yeah, but what was that bright light up there?" Leanne asked.

"For some reason, Raikou appeared. And when Summer calmed it down by just approa... Capturing, the area was surrounded in a bright light." Rand explained. "Then Summer said that she saw something like a figure in the sky."

Leanne's eyes widened at that last part. "When you captured Raikou, you saw a figure in the sky?" She asked me.
I nodded. I probably shouldn't tell them about the voice because they probably already think that I'm crazy.
"That is very, very interesting..."

As we talked, two pinchers were trying to sneak away. "Hey!" I shouted after them.

All of the color drained from their faces and they ran away as fast as they could. Me and Rand ran after them.
We ran down the base of the mountain and I caught sight of their green uniforms. I pushed Rand behind me and motioned for him to hid. They were both wheezing. "We... Must've lost them... By now."

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