chapter 9

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I woke up in a bright White room I looked around and realized that I was in the hospital I turned to my right to see a sleeping Shawn I sat up and he woke up I looked at him as he jumped up "what happened" I asked "last night after everything I saw Hayes walk out of the room crying and I was wondering what happened so I just stood at your door for a couple of secounds then I heard u wimpering in pain and walked in to find you passed outing your bed with blood rushing down your arm so I brought u here" I looked at him for a second "wait where's hayes? does he know I'm here? you called him right?" my heart rate picked up "relax and just forget about that dick" Shawn replied putting his hand on my shoulder "DON'T CALL HIM THAT I PROBABLY SKREWED EVERYTHING UP WITH HIM AND IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!"i started balling I knew it wasn't just his fault but I was mad I didn't know what to say I went to grab my phone "w-wheres my phone" I studderd out "in your pocket " Shawn replied I quickly grabbed it and called Hayes after a couple of rings he replied "hello? Aubrey? where are you? are u OK?" he sounded like he was crying "Hayes I'm fine" I replied "where are u" "I I'm at the hospital " I spit out "WHAT?!?! WHY?!?!" he yelled threw the phone "I'll tell u later" I said then a doctor came in "hey I have to go I will talk to you later" I said "OK I love you bye" and before I could reply the line went dead "hello Ms.Kelly so we did some test and we have very surprising news" she said "what is it good" I asked scared "well I guess it could go eaither way so would u like to hear it" she asked with a worried look on her face "Yes" OK I don't know what I just got myself into she paused for a minute I mental prepared myself "well it seems as if u are-......."

cliff hanger aaaaaaaaaaa tell me what you think may happen love ya babes!!!!

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