Chapter 21

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Changes in Mornings Light

Back at the house: Early Morning

"Where could she be... She hasn't called on anyone of us..." Tiger spoke as he rubbed his chin, pacing the floor as the other Celestial Spirits watched him.

Each of them had a worried expression on their faces, they had all felt a sudden pain in their chests an hour before and were unable to go to her, Tiger had tried to go to her side but every time he disappeared, he just reappeared back in front of the others with a dark expression on his face.

Suddenly, a few meters away from them, there was a sudden flash of golden white light and when it dispersed; Hoshi laid on her side with one arm around her abdomen and her other around two felines, one was ashen grey while the other was a pale purple, bandaged wrapped around them.

"Hoshi!?" Tatsui called as she ran to her key holders side, Phoenix with her as they began checking her over.

"H-help them... Please..." Hoshi mumbled out before she passed out in Phoenix's arms, her grip loosening on them.

Tatsui nodded before she went to work on two felines, only just realizing that they were both Exceeds, just like Happy, Carla and Lily.

The others stood not too far away as they didn't want to crowd the two while they were healing, Hoshi stirred slightly as her wounds were dealt with, he bandaged the worst of them and healed the easier ones.

"Phoenix...? Where am I?" Hoshi asked as she opened her eyes and looked up at him then noticing the others behind them.

"Hey guys"

"Don't 'hey guys' us... You had us worried... What the hell happened to summoning one of us if you got into trouble?" Tiger frowned as he spoke.

"I tried... But it was blocked for some reason, I couldn't use my Celestial magic and I don't know why" she told him honestly as she looked him in the eye.

Tiger sighed softly and rubbed his face and he moved to kneel beside them, the others watching on silently knowing full well how the male could get when he was angry as they also knew how Hoshi could get when she was angry.

"You're an idiot sometimes, you know that?" he smirked lightly as he gently flicked her forehead.

"Yeah, I know" she smiled back sheepishly as she chuckled lightly before coughing into her hand.

"They got me good..."

"Who are 'they'?" Phoenix asked as he finished with the last bandage.

"Some kind of guards that were in the building, it was where I was kept after being taken from Japan all those years ago... The things bigger than I remember and it's a labyrinth too" Hoshi sat up slowly, noticing the bandages and smiling gently.

"Thank you"

"You're welcome my lady" Phoenix smiled gently at her, glad she was conscious.

"How are they?" she asked as she looked towards the two.

"They're all aright, they're all alive" Tatsui smiled gently at her as she healed the two.

"I'm glad, we were caught in some kind of rockslide or cave-in and I tried to keep them protected... I finally managed to call on the teleportation lacrima before I passed out" Hoshi told them as she rubbed her head slightly.

"Was 'He' there?" Draco asked as he knelt beside her and felt her forehead.

"Doubt it... But there were signs he had been there, also... I found documents, I'm going to hide them away and give them to the Magic Council when the time is right" she frowned slightly.

"I see..." Tiger rubbed his chin slightly as he thought.

"She has another fever" Draco commented with a soft sigh as he pulled his hand back.

"She's relatively clean so she can just go to bed, we'll handle these two, get them cleaned up and put them to bed" Tatsui spoke as she looked over at the others who were almost surrounding them.

"We'll have to do more shopping, buy more food and find some clothes they can wear" Thomas commented as he sat beside Hoshi on the floor, placing the back of his hand on her cheek.

"She's pretty pale guys..."

"I'll put her to bed" Tiger spoke as he manoeuvred himself and gently lifted Hoshi into his arms and held her to his chest as he looked at the others while standing.

"Be careful, and don't drop them"

"Okay, don't drop Hoshi" Usagi called out as he walked towards the elevator.

"As if I would..." He grumbled softly as he walked, making sure to hold her gently.

"Thank you, Tiger" Hoshi smiled gently as she relaxed in his arms.

"No problem Cub, just don't scare us like that again" he told her with a frown.

"I'll try" she smiled softly as she closed her eyes; tired from the amount of times she tried to summon one of her spirits.

Tiger sighed softly as he laid her in her bed once he got her back up into the house before tucking her in and lightly ruffling her hair, a small smile on his face.

"Sleep well Cub... We're here for you when you need us"

Hoshi smiled sleepily as she snuggled into the blankets like a child, a light blush on her cheeks when he ruffled her hair.

"Thank you Tiger, I love you guys"

Shortly after that she fell asleep and Tiger stayed by her side, sitting on the edge of the bed to keep watch while she slept. His eyes watching her sleeping form as he clenched his fists, he was angry, not at her but at the fact she had been blocked from calling on them when she could have possibly died. His hair was falling slightly over his eyes as he let out a low growl.

"You're growling..." Tiger turned his head to see Draco leaning on the doorframe, his arms folded over his chest.

"Sorry..." He spoke before looking back at Hoshi, glad she hadn't woken.

"Don't be, your anger is understandable, her magic was taken before she could call on us, not to mention we couldn't go to her because she was blocked..."

"Thank you for the re-cap..." Tiger spoke as he glanced at the Celestial Dragon.

"You do realise that means were stuck here, unable to get back to the Celestial World..."

"I'm aware, I'm not an idiot"

"Are you alright with that, not able to go back?" Tatsui asked as she stepped up beside Draco in the doorway.

"As long as she's safe, I don't care where we are" Tiger told her before frowning slightly.

"Finished already?"

"Yeah, they didn't have too many injuries, but they are clean and resting in the infirmary downstairs" she told them.

"She really thought ahead when she designed downstairs, huh?" Draco smiled gently as gestured to the sleeping mage.

"Certainly, she's quite the smart one" Tatsui smiled warmly.

"She's Hoshi, of course she's smart, she managed to get into Ouran after all" Tiger told them as he stood up.

"Let's go and let her sleep, I don't really want to deal with her when she's sleep deprived..."

"Yes, you're right, let's go" Draco nodded before he and Tatsui headed from the room, Tiger not far behind them.

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