On The First Night 🤨

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Date: July 13, 2019
Time: 11:56 p.m.
Location: Platinums

East p.o.v 👇🏼
"So baby I have someone to Introduce you too these are my brothers, The black monkey looking mf is Shoota, and the Light skin grandpa looking mf is Bully"
Shoota:" aye fuck you, you lizard face ass mf cause I don't look like no damn monkey, but it's a pleasure meeting you beautiful I've heard so much about you"
Ari: *raises eyebrow* "ohh really have you now all good things I hope"
Shoota:" yes ma'am all good things, all good things"
Bully: "Hello nice to meet you I'm Bully"
Ari: "Nice yo meet you as well grandpa"
*everyone laughs*
Bully:" ohhh I see you got jokes"
Ari:"😂😂😂 maybe just a few we'll let me introduce you too my girl" *tells Jas to turn around*
"East you already know but Shoota and Bully this is my bestfriend/sister Jas. Jas this is Bully and Shoota.

(Jas & her outfit)Bully:"Well I'll be damned"Jas: *Mugs mad hard* "Excuse you" Bully:"Wow it's been awhile since I've seen someone so fucking beautiful in my life" Jas: *blushes mad hard* "well aren't you a charmer"Bully: "I try, and I'll try hard...

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(Jas & her outfit)
Bully:"Well I'll be damned"
Jas: *Mugs mad hard* "Excuse you"
Bully:"Wow it's been awhile since I've seen someone so fucking beautiful in my life"
Jas: *blushes mad hard* "well aren't you a charmer"
Bully: "I try, and I'll try hard for you"
Shoota: "ewww seeing an old man flirt is so disgusting but hello I'm Shoota nice to meet you ma"
Jas: *breaks eye contact with bully* "same to you, well if you'll excuse us I think we have more things to discuss" *grabs bully hand and walk to the other side of the section*
Shoota:" well since you niggas left me i guess i have no choice but to go find some pussy to hit in the restroom"
*all laughs*
"You nasty nigga, but go do your thang" *I yelled after Shoota as he leaves VIP and goes downstairs*
"Now where were we ma"

Ari grabs my hard and we walk to where all the liquor and weed was laid out on a table

Ari:"What you drinking East"
"Give me some Hennessy baby, straight"
Ari: *smiles really hard* baby?
"Yea BABY now pour ya man a cup and come take a seat on daddy's lap"
*She does as told and we just smoke a L and started sipping on our cups having little conversation here and there*

Ari: "come on let's go dance"

and Ari goes crazy I mean CRAZY shawty started shaking allat ass on me I had to
Hold on the rail for support
"Damn ma you really need to stop while you ahead"
I said while looking at Ari still doing all kinds of tricks
*Ari looks back at me and bends over like she throwing it back on nigga*
*My dick got hard asf, and Ik she feel it*
Ari:" lol songs almost over baby Ik you can handle me just for a little bit longer"
"Oh I can do more than handle you"
Ari:*giggles* I like the sound of that.
*she just dont know I will fuck the shit out of her*

*Time jump* *Three hours later*

East: "It's time to go ari come on"
"Okay babe where Jas"
East:"She already left with bully an hour ago"
"Oop we'll come on"

East p.o.v. 👇🏼
Ari is DRUNK when I say drunk I mean wasted but she's handling it very well she not slurring her words really bad or tumbling over she chilled.
Ari:" are you just going to stare at me or are you going to help me *giggling*
"Lol come on ma my car this way"
*We get to ari house and I walks her to the door*
Ari: "come in"
"Are you sure I mean your drunk I don't want you to do anything you might regret in the morning"
Ari:" I'm fine East if anything happens ill just have to face it in the morning"
Ari:"I'm in the mood for breakfast food what about you"
" I can go for some baby lead the way"
Ari: "No pork right"
" you remembered"
Ari: "Of course I have to if I'm gonna be cooking for you for now on"
"I like the sound of that"

After she cooked and we ate we were just chilling and watching a movie on Netflix then Ari started to rub on a nigga leg.

*Ohh so she trying to fuck*
So I started rubbing on her ass and legs
Next thing Ik I had her laid out on the bed in Nothing and boy was that a sight to see.
"What you want me to do to you babygirl"
Ari: *smirks* "whatever you want"
I started to kiss from her feet up her legs I spread them wide open and just stare at this beautiful fat pink nice freshly waxed kitty in front of me and dived in
Ari starts to moan a little bit while I tease her just pecking and licking it with just the tip of my tongue till I dive all the way in
Slurping, sucking, slightly biting on her she rub her hands through my parts of my braids and pushes my head further so I open my mouth a little wider and starting sucking on her entire kitty she was getting so wet I feel her juices dripping all down my neck and that motivated me more I stick in finger inside of her and started to pump in and out a curl my finger a little making sure I hit her G-spot she was so fucking tight her moans get louder and louder so I added another finger and started eating her faster and fingering her faster so she can finally cum
Ari: "Omgggg fuckkkkk DAVIDDDDD" "Fuck baby don't stop, don't stop"
"You like that baby's you like when I swallow that pussy and finger fuck you real good"
She started to shake uncontrollably and she cummed all in my mouth.
I pull my fingers out of her and stick them in her mouth to let her taste herself
Ari: "mhmmmm baby" she started sucking all her juices off of my fingers till they were cleaned and she kissed me
The kiss got intense until Ari flipped up over and got on top of me
Ari: "mhm baby I love seeing all of me all over you like that"
"I love having you all over me like that" she started kissing and licking all of her off my chest and slowly made her way down
"what you doing ma"
Ari: "returning the favor"
"It's okay ma I'm good it's your day I wanted to please you"
Ari: "shut the fuck up and let me suck my dick"
"Yo dick well do yo thang then baby" I said smirking down at her.
Ari Grabbed my out of my briefs and swallowed my whole dick I mean the entire thing and Ian no little dick ass nigga she took the whole 11.5 in her mouth and started going to work.
She started making my toes curled as she sucked in them jaws and starting suck fast showing the balls some love too.
She slowly popped it out her mouth with the *Pop* noise and started giving my tip the most attention while using her hand to show the rest some attention while using the other to get the balls she started to get sloppier and I loveeeeee sloppy she swallowed the whole thing and this time went to WORK I MEAN WHOLE NECK she started going crazy I couldn't take it anymore my toes started curling I was coming off the bed some it felt so good I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face moaning uncontrollably
"Fuckkkk Ari baby shit just like that baby just like that fuckkk"
It must of motivated her cause she started going faster and sucking harder I couldn't take it anymore how tf she's not gagging how tf can she do this this bitch throat must be gone
Ari: "cum daddy my throats ready"
She swallowed the whole thing one more time and that's all it took i nutted all down her throat.
She swallowed it and sucked a little bit more to make sure I emptied it all out and kissed the tip. She got up and walked to the bathroom like she didn't just take my soul with her. So I followed her inside and see her brushing her teeth asking her for another toothbrush we both finished up and took a shower together (no we didn't have sex just felt up on each other and kissed a little) got out changed the sheets and got in bed.
Ari: "I can't believe we just did that"
"Me either you know your the first girl who pussy I ate since high school"
Ari: "really I must be real special huh" she giggles
"Hell yea and after that head you just gave me your married too" "ain't letting that mouth go nowhere"
Ari: 😂😂😂😂 "boy bye"
"But seriously tho I enjoyed you tonight even before you hit me with that soul snatching head"
Ari: "I did too, I really enjoyed you tonight East" she said in a soft barely audible
"Same to you baby now come on let's go to sleep"
Her responses was her light snores.
*really ready to see where this take us I'm old and ready to settle I can't be hoeing forever and Ari just might be the one.

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