I'm Afraid

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There's this pond in my hometown, in which people says that there are sirens living there. Sirens are creatures that the upper body is a human, and lower body is like a tail of a fish. They are also called mermaids. They were believed to have a very beautiful hair, a gorgeous face and an enchanting voice that attracts men.

I don't believe in them, because I, myself, is a siren. However, I don't have a beautiful hair and a gorgeous face. I don't have an enchanting voice either. Instead, I have a hair as dark as a sea urchin, a face that almost looks like a fish, and well, a voice that would make anyone cringe.

Well, I'm not born to please the filthy humans. I am born to eat them. That's their destiny, to be stored in our tummy. However, the siren's fate changed when humans started to hunt us exchange for those small papers they call money.

The sirens began evacuating, hiding away from the humans. They started eating herbs under the sea, but I was not satisfied with it. Human meat is just tastier and more delicious than those damn herbs.

So, I disguised myself as a human. The first night was a blast and ate a lot. I even brought a body back into our hide out. The next few days isn't that bad at all.

After a few weeks, I cautiously went on the ground and wore my usual attire. I went into the nearest house, and had been binged eating. When I got onto business, I went back into the shore and stared at the night sky.

I almost fell when a girl, sat beside me. I looked at her and she greeted me with a smile. She asked me what am I doing there late that night, and told her that I was only chilling. When I asked her the same question, she told me that she got lost. We spent the night talking and we became friends.

The next night, after eating, I saw her at the same spot. She looked at me with the usual smile on her face. I was about to go near her, when nets suddenly enveloped my body. I looked at the girl, and she was pointing a gun at me. A bang was heard after she moved a finger and I went into oblivion.

I woke up with the noise of humans. Saying filthy things, doing something with me. They looked at me with fear and disgust—the looks that I'm already used to.

I was tied, and felt my body burning. I can see myself enveloped by the fire.

“Poor humans. They didn't know that I'll be born again.” I smiled, and silently wished that I won't be reincarnated as a human in my next life.

If sirens are monsters, I can say that humans are demons.

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