The fall

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Second person P.O.V.

"Sans, I think I heard something coming from the ruins!"

"You sure, Uzara? If it's an Omega or a Beta, we're immediately taking a shortcut back to Snowdin"

"I know, I know. Why'd you think I'm speaking in windings right now?'

"Cause they can't hear us if we're speaking in windings, you don't have to remind me"

"Plus, my orb isn't snowing at all so it can't be an Omega or a Beta, or god forsake, an Alpha. I'm gonna check it out"

"Just be careful, I'm gonna continue looking here"

"Kay- Sans...... It's not an Omega or a Beta.... Sans.... It's a human...."

"REALLY?!?! Wait there, I'm coming! If an Omega comes, kill it immediately, that's an order"

"They look hurt, wait, their opening their eyes! I think their still alive!"

"Ok I'm here-"

"Hey kid, you took quite the fall, huh? At least you're still alive-"

You open your eyes to see a woman looking down at you and a tall skeleton trying to catch his breath. You were confused to say the least, about the woman, not so much because she looked like a human, just like you. What confused you was the skeleton, how can a skeleton be talking and moving? As you regained more conscience, you noticed what they were wearing. They were wearing heavy white coats, the girl's fluffy fur hood was raised on her head while the skeleton's was laying on his shoulders. You squint at them, trying to make out their faces, your vision was still blurry. The light shining from the opening of the mountains you fell from blinded your eyes, forcing them to close. You heard faint beeping and you opened eyes to see where it came from. The orb on the girl's long sword and the orb that was hanging from a chain around the skeleton's neck was beeping. The skeleton looked down at I before holding it up to his eyes to see better, the orb looked like there was a snowstorm on the inside of it.

"Shit... Uzara we gotta move, it's an Omega. Grab the kid and let's get going" the skeleton said grimly and the girl nodded in agreement. You felt like you were being levitated into thin air, which scared you but you soon felt the warmth of being held gently. Your vision wasn't blurry anymore so when you looked up you could see the woman's face clearly. She had pale skin and white hair which made her dark purple-bluish irises stand out even more. She started running, still holding you gently "bridal style", you squinted to make out the shape of her white pupil as it was not in the shape of a circle. Her white pupils were in the shape of a snowflake. You glanced around you too see the white landscape around you, now you knew why they were in heavy winter gear. The voice of the girl snapped you out of your train of thoughts

"Well, look who decided to wake up" she chuckled, although she was still running, the orb on her sword stopped beeping and the snowstorm inside of it had cleared. The skeleton was struggling to keep up with the girl, you noticed she was running at an impressive speed. The skeleton pointed to a spot underneath some snow covered pine trees, she slowed down and walked to that spot. She set you down and you looked at the pare in utter confusion

"Are you sure we're away from any Omegas or Betas?" The girl asked, her question only made you more confused, what were Omegas and Betas?!

"What- Who?" The two looked at you with confused looks "Wait, why did the human speak in wingdings?" The skeleton asked, he had big cracks coming from his right eye socket which enlarged it. The girl looked at him with an annoyed look "Well I dunno, Sans, maybe windings is popular on the surface" she turned her head to look at you "What's your name human?" She looked nice, while the skeleton glared at you, he didn't seem as friendly as her

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