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13. Missing Piece
Hazel Michelson

"How was your date?  What was it like? Did he kiss you?" Ava was bubbling with question

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"How was your date? What was it like? Did he kiss you?" Ava was bubbling with question.

"Or since you both are grown did y'all fuck?" Scar pretty much didn't care as she bit into an Apple. It's literally all she eats and always has some on her.

Cole didn't seem to care as he was distracted on his phone, but I know he was still lowkey listening to everything being said.

"No we didn't have sex or kissed. We had dinner then watched a movie." I answered

"What's his family like, what movie did you watch?" Ava continued.

"They're cool his mother is such a sweetheart. And I can't remember the title of the movie though." My mind went completely blank after.

"The night was kind of a blur I just know we had dinner, we went up to his room I was looking at his collection of vinyl records then I suppose we watched a movie after?" No matter how hard I thought, there were just some missing time slots.

"Vinyl records? Just when I thought that dude couldn't get any weirder" Cole muttered.

"Don't you have a rock collection?" I reminded him, it's literally fine to have different interests, we all have that one thing we love that other persons would not understand.

The table got quiet once Adam and Tyler came into view. I watched as Adam took a seat beside Ava whispering something that made her blush while Tyler took the empty seat beside me.

"Now that we are all here, founders day ball is literally days away and I'm so excited has everyone decided who they are going with?" Ava asked.

"Well I usually go with Hazel but maybe it'll be different this year" Cole jealousy was up front and center today.

"Who said we weren't still going together?" I asked, it was a tradition for us that we vowed never to break that, despite getting closer to Tyler I would never let down Cole on that matter.

"Hey, can we talk after lunch?" Tyler directed his question at Cole who gave a nod.

"What do y'all have to talk about?" I asked him.

"Just lacrosse stuff" he responded.

Lunchtime went by quickly and so did the rest of the day. Time waits on no man they say and lately it has been running away way too quickly.

"What do you guys think about James?" Ava asked as we walked down the hallway.

"He's decent, cute but looks sneaking" Scarlet responded. They both looked at me after wondering what I thought.

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