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Hai friend update I know because I was struck with my semester exam and a function in my house so not able to concentrate on the story ......

Still I have not completed my exams I have small gap between my next so now here with one ...

Here was come the next shot

In mandap

In the hall gauri was confused the different behaviour of her frdz . She thinks something is suspicious with them she want to find it but how ..
As karan richa and others were(expect Preetha as Karen want this as surprise to her also)
busy in their plan and as all bear in shiv pooja our great Rudy (here also Om's brother and Lady killer enter the there)
came here without knowing he saw gauri and he know gauri very well his partner in crime and his favorite chulbul didi . He went to her.

R: Hiiiiiiiii  chulbul di .. app  yahan mein expect nahi kiya kaise hai ap

G: hai Rudy boy mein bilkul tik hun aur chulbul math bol.      

And talked they talked for some time and suddenly Rudy asked ri

Ru: Di Apaka ur om ko
bichme sap tik haina  ??

G: ky...kyun aisa puchra ra rudra hum...(trying to control her tears)humara sa...,(suddenly the fight between them and their happy everything rush to j we thought so she struggle to answer him.).sab ti...tik h..hai ok ek min mujhe call karna hai abhi yaad aaya call karke atiyum. To escape from there.
After sometime she came there.

Rudy is losted in some thought? Gauri see him and asked

G: rudy kya hua kahan koya ho??
R: kuch nai bus. Aise hi

G: rudy ka kuch nahi matlab kuch tho hai kya hai bolo

R: Di sach me kuch nahi aisehi based kuch nahi

G: aacha mantiyum Rudy  tu

She going to say something to him suddenly her phone ring

G: Rudy ok minute ...
Rudy asked her to go on in signal

Ri went out to attend the call preeta came there and talk to Rudy  even they also meeting after long time ..

In the meantime om reached the hall and karan said him everything is ok ri is also inside

When om goes to inside he see a car is going outside the hall
Karen also notice that and said that is ri's car om

O: WTH karan said na usse bahar  math Jane tho  fir tum

K: om meine richa se bolke yahan tumare liye wait kiya..par ek  min Rudy andar hai..

O:wo yahan kab aaya mujhe kyun nahi bataya

They both rushed inside .when enter their Rudy seen om and he asked him

R:arre O app chubul Di se mila abi wo bahar gayi

Om look him in a dangerous look

K: ab minion  kyun chale gayi aur koun usse Jane diya ..Richa tum usse kyun Jane diya

Ri: mein mein wo wo... She struggle to answer to him

Preeta answer Karen question

P: oh Karen why are getting this much tension mein aur Rudy be usse Jane keliye  kaha

Sameer ,richa,Ishan,suman are looking preeta as kyun khud Jake " keeping her head in lion mouth in wantedly

K: (while griting his teeth) you know wat you did preeta  why you send her

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