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I watched as the door handle twisted before the door began to open with a creak.

Bethany grinned wickedly before turning her head around as we both began to watch as Linda began to walk out with blood covering her hands, face and clothes.

She had an immensely insane smirk on her face as she stared at me.

Linda: now then, you get one more chance before I kill your pathetic ass....

Bethany: thank you mother! I'm sure he'll be very well behaved now that he doesn't have that whore in the way!

Bethany turned back to me as Linda walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder. They both stared at me with the widest and creepiest smirks I had ever seen.

I felt my lip quicker as everything began to make sense. Kylie had been killed?

That wasn't possible...

That wa-

My thoughts were cut off by Bethany kissing me on the lips.

Linda tutted before walking off back to the elevator.

Linda: save that for when you get back now when you're on the lobby floor!

She parted from my lips and grinned again

Bethany: yes mother!

I could see the heavily blush across Bethany's face along with the immense sensation of lust that filled her eyes and expression.

Bethany: oh don't worry darling, I'll make you wish you had never left me in the first place!

I could feel my eyes welling up with tears

I didn't care about the torture

I cared about the fact that my girlfriend had just been killed be some...some bitch!

Bethany ran her hands up and down my chest as the taste of blood in my mouth began to become more apparent.

She cupped my cheeks as she stared at me. She winked at as she used her fingers to wipe my tears away.

Bethany: you don't need to cry, it's only a slightly broken nose!

I began to sob harder than before.

Bethany tilted her head as she watched me cry harder.

Bethany: I swear to god if you say you're crying for because of that bitch, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!

I closed my eyes

I didn't know what else to do

I was so petrified of her

Bethany truly had me pinned down here and I was in no place to even dare fight back.

(Y/n): i-I'm not crying for h-her....

Bethany's expression went back to the lustful one she had a few seconds ago.

Bethany: good, for a second there I was very worried darling!

She smiled at me again before leaning in and pinning me down to the floor on my back entirely while kissing my lips.

I could feel her grinding on my lap and on my crotch as she continued to make out with me.

I didn't kiss back and instead I tried to pull my face away from her however it didn't work and instead she held my head still.

I tried to push her off with my hands and she separated from my lips but kept grinding her ass on my crotch and her hands on my cheeks.

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