To The Victor Goes The Spoils (ENDING)

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I watched in both horror and hopefulness as the office door began to open. Bethany turned my head back to look at her as she smirked down at me.

Bethany: any second now, my mother will walk out of that office and from then on we can be together forever! Just picture and very much naked!

I could see her cheeks redden from that final word as she slightly giggled nervously at it.

Bethany: I feel so hot and excited darling! P-please can we just do it n-now?

I shook my head furiously. I tried to get a look at the door but Bethany was right in the way of it now, blocking my vision.

I felt fear and sickness begin to pool in my stomach as I began to imagine what had happened to Kylie. I could actually feel tears threatening to fall down my cheeks from the mere thought of her losing.

Bethany: well then darling, I say we get a move on, don't y-

Suddenly Bethany received a harsh kick to the side of the skull, jolting her to the side and across the floor slightly.

I looked up in shock and hope to see Kylie standing there with an extremely pissed off expression.


She stomped over Bethany who was attempting to standing up. She swiftly kicked Bethany in the ribs and I could even hear the sound of multiple ribs cracking.

I watched in amazement as Kylie grabbed Bethany by the throat. She hoisted her into the air before placing Bethany on her shoulders like some weird wrestling move.


Kylie then suddenly brought Bethany down on her knee, cracking Bethany's spine in multiple places.

Bethany screamed in pain as she was pushed on the floor by Kylie who dusted her legs off before walking back over to me.

The whole time Bethany was crying and screaming in pain.

Kylie still had her pissed off expression as she stood in front of me.

She held her hand down for me to take and I cautiously took it. As I did, Kylie quickly pulled me to my feet before pulling me into a sweet and tender kiss.

At first I was tensed up from the fear of what she was gonna do but I quickly sunk into the kiss and I kissed her back.

We parted after a few seconds and we both looked over to the screaming and crying Bethany.

She was still laying on the floor and we could see her desperately trying to move in anyway shape or form.

Kylie: listen up bitch...

Kylie walked over to Bethany, kneeling down in front of her.

She grabbed a fistful of Bethany's hair and held her head up so she was looking directly at her.

Kylie: do you see that sexy piece of ass over there?

She pointed her finger at me and Bethany whimpered in response. Her cries had turned to whimpers of pain now but she still didn't say anything. Her tears hadn't stopped rolling down her cheeks either.

Kylie: well he's mine and he'll always be mine! I don't care who I have to kill or what I have to do, he will always be mine!

Bethany began to try and speak.

Bethany: I-I....I....

Kylie looked confused as bethany was finally able to get her words out.

Bethany: I-I'll come b-back eventually....

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