Chapter 2: The Unknown

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Previously :

Soi Fon : What happened!

Y/N : I'm not sure, but this isn't good, Captain Unohana have you been able to get in contact with soul society??

Unohana : No, nobody is responding.

Y/N : Where the hell are we??

And now :

Y /N : This is strange.

Unohana : It's probably got something to do with that arrancar.

Yoruichi : He said we would be erased from reality, but if that's so, then why are we still here?

Y/N : That's what I'm saying, I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, but there is not a single trace of reiatsu anywhere, from what I can tell, we are the only things here emitting any.

Unohana : This truly is strange.

Y/N : For now the only thing that we can do is scout out the area. Yoruichi!

Yoruichi : Hai!

Y/N  : I want you to go scout our area and check to see if there are any buildings around, just as a precaution stay in you cat for.

Yoruichi : Understood! *leaves*

Y/N : Captain Unohana, I want you to keep trying to contact soul society, and myself will try and find something for us all to eat.

Unohana : *Nods head*

Y/N : Contact us if anything happens.

*Short Time skip*

Yoruichi has just just returned and is informing everyone of what she has seen.

Yoruichi : It would seem that there is a city not to far from here, but I saw something very interesting while there.

Y/N : What's the matter?

Yoruichi : It would appear that the city is called Kuoh, but it would appear that it hosts supernatural beings.

Y/N : *raises eyebrow slightly * Supernatural how?

Yoruichi : When I had arrived, I made my way to a park and noticed two beings by the fountain in the center. The two seemed to be on a date of sorts, until they stopped by the fountain I was at.

Y/N : What's so strange about that?

Yoruichi : The female sprouted wings and claimed to be a fallen angel.

Y/N: This is interesting

Yoruichi : That's not all, immediately after the boy had died, a red circle appeared and a red head radiating a strange aura stepped out of it. She then proceeded to place a chess piece of sorts into the boy's chest before stating that she had reincarnated him as a devil.

Y/N : Devil?

Yoruichi : Yes, but that's when she noticed me and I had to leave.

Y/N : Fascinating, please take us there, we must research what we can

Yoruichi : *playfully* Yes sir

*Short Time Skip *

Yoruichi : What the hell, there is nothing left, all the blood is gone

Y/N : Weird

Yoruichi : Wait Y/N, there's the boy from last night.

Y/N looks back and sees a boy with brown hair in a ponytail walking to the fountain.

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