Hey  this is my first book so let me know if you like it. All rights to Stephanie Meyer I own none of the characters I just mess with there lives. The plot though is all original and mine. 

Bella Pov

"I'm leaving you," the last words he said to me and they still piss me off. I can't believe I let him change me that much it's pathetic. As soon as he left I admittedly was relieved if he didn't leaved I might have lite him on fire myself. I was truly angered at the way he treated me.   

I'm actually basking in him being out my life. Jacob told me he's glad to have the sarcastic, loud mouth, and opinionated old Bella back. Surprising to everyone Paul and I became best friends. We were so much alike and we were a little more than friends some time, if you know what I mean. Even then he can't fill the void of Vampires in my life. I miss the extremely attractive, rock-hard, and sparkling vampires that graced my life.

This time I need real vampires' not those pansies that wanted to change me and make me some type of pet. I mean seriously dressing me up and making me seem all proper that's not me at all. If only Alice knew how well I really could dress. The controlling wasn't bad enough no they left me with a fucking fire crotch chasing me like that's seriously careless even I know that. I mean who leaves a human to fend for them-self when red-headed bitches are after them. That's rule number one handle all threats before leaving the mortal.

Just think about Victoria depresses me at least she had time with her true mate. She had the love an care of someone that was truly meant for her.  Yeah I knew Edward wasn't my mate I read up on mates in books Carlisle had. We were just to different for us to truly be mates anyway. I would hate to think my mate would be a 100 year old virgin. The fact he could deliberately say those words and not care how I felt was just the icing on the cake. I mean real mates can't leave human or vampire the pain would be too much on both sides.

As I sit here a brilliant idea comes to mind I remember the story of the Volturi, the leaders of the vampire world. First, Aro with his long silky black hair and eyes as bright as rubies that you can see even through the painting they showed me. Then, Caius hair so blonde it's almost white and those sexy lips that are permanently in a scowl. Lastly, Marcus a man that looks wise but you can see the sadness that shines through. I would love to help heal his wounds. If I'm being honest all of them are undeniably sexy in their own way. Hmm Volterra Italy might be a great place to start over..............

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