Chapter 109.

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"Suit and tie with the black jeans on

And I’m paralyzed

'Cause I think you got something like the biggest soul I’ve ever seen

And you might be the one

Suit and tie, with the curly hair

Making your way with that step and stare

Said are you real, do you feel anything"

(A/N: I'm so nervous! I'm back, and we're at the last chapter!)

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(A/N: I'm so nervous! I'm back, and we're at the last chapter!)


Red lights flood the thick air in the room, music vibrating the dim walls and the smell of alcohol and sweat fills my nostrils.

I never thought I'd enjoy it so much, but the familiar surroundings feel so comfortable to me now.

The air around us is thick, warm from the heat of peoples bodies moving to the heavy music and I laugh when I nearly slip on the sticky floor; dancing with Sophie while Jacob, Jimmy and Steve stand near us talking and drinking.

I can feel the warmth in my body from my drinks throughout the night, that Sophie, Jimmy, Steve and Jacob have all been watching like hawks since we've been here.

I look around to the crowd around us, people sprawled on the couches against the walls doing the sinful things that have become normal inside this club. I still remember how out of depth and shocked I felt the first time I step foot in here, and now it's not even something I bat an eyelash at.

Funny how things change.

It's been three weeks since Harry told me about the basement and those tapes, and it has been far from easy. Things are different now, and we're still working through it and figuring out this new path in our relationship.

We've been staying in a Air bnb rental for most of those three weeks with Ludo, while Harry has been looking for a house for us to move into. He was adamant he wanted to move with me, and wanted us to have our own house - somewhere to start fresh and work through all of this.

My only request was that where ever we moved, was not allowed to have a basement... For, well, obvious reasons.

He's keeping his apartment above the bakery for now, he said he's not sure what to do with it. He feels weird selling it or renting it considering what's happened in the basement there but I also flat out asked him if he was only keeping it because he was planning on still using the basement - I can't sugar coat it.

He assured me he had no intention of that, that part of his life was done with and he wanted to work towards getting better. His tapes have stayed in that basement, and he's still not entirely sure what he wants to do with them but I guess that's a decision for another day.

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