Chapter 31

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No one's POV

The squad without Mina and Chaeyoung was all at Momo's house. They were trying to figure out where Mina and chaeyoung went. Or kidnapped. But where?

"MUST BE BAMBAM" jeongyeon, Momo, Tzuyu said the same thing.

"Heyhey. Calm down" Their girlfriends said.

Jihyo was sitting by herself, tear in her eyes threatening to fall. Finally, that one tear break free. So did the rest.

"C-c-chaeyoung a-ah..Please p-p-please h-help him a-ah..I-i c-cant lose h-him.." Jihyo said while crying really really hard.

Its like the i don't know how many times Jihyo had cried for Chaeyoung.

"Appa..Can we borrow the weapons again?" Momo said to his appa.

Momo's appa nodded as he brought them to the room again. They got everything. They started to do their research. Momo's appa managed to hack the cctv in the abandoned house that they suspect Chaeyoung and Mina is in. And is kidnapped by Bambam. The cctv showed lots of guards outside the house, like alot.

"Chaeyoung and Mina must be inside" Momo'a appa said.

They all decided to get Chaeyoung and Mina out tmr since its already late at night.

Mina's POV

Its already late at night. All of the teasing finally stopped. Honestly, Chaeyoung is really hot. He's 6 packs. Wow. I was blushing so much just now.

Chaeyoung is looking at me now. I dont know why. But i looked back. He smiled. That dimple. Still killing people huh.

"Im sorry." Chaeyoung suddenly said, his smile dropped.

I wore a confused look on my face and asked,

"Whats wrong?"

"Im so sorry." Chaeyoung said again,looking down then i saw a tear drop trickled down his face.

"Why? Why you crying? Heyhey. Its fine" I said. I was afraid. I wanted to hug him right now.

"I treated you so badly. Im so so so so sorry. Its all my fault." Chaeyoung said still looking at the ground.

"Y-y-you r-remember?" I asked

"The panic attack this morning already said everything." He said

"Heyheyhey.. look at me..look at me.." I said as i calmed down, i was happy.

He looked up. Into my eyes. His eyes sparkled due to his tears. He was still crying. He look so small. I wanna hug him and kiss him right now.

"HAHAHHAHA i wanna hug you right now." I suddenly laughed and said.

He smiled at me. He couldnt wipe his tears since his hands are tied. But i know that smile. Its real. We talked alot. Almost the whole night.

"Chaeyoung u cold?" I asked him as i saw him shivering

"Ya.. fking cold.. im shirtless as u can see.." Chaeyoung said.

I was sad. I couldnt keep Chaeyoung warm. I wanna cuddle with him right him. I was worrying for him the whole night. Im sure he didnt had a good night sleep. I mean.. sleeping on the chair isnt comfortable in the first place.

Next morning

Jeongyeon's POV

We obviously went to school and then we went to Momo's house. We did all the research and we confirmed everything. Bambam is the one that kidnapped Mina and Chaeyoung. AGAIN. I am so piss right now.

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