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All the chapters have finally been arranged, edited. If you see a missplacement, You're ever welcome for the information/suggestion.

📢 If you are confused about the whole sequence here's a brief summary of the entire story.

A girl, hopeless of life, void of happiness meets Serene who she befriends with, Serene encourages her to look for herself through the art of poetry. The girl, in hope falls for a boy she gets cherished but for a little period. She gets ignored and loses faith then, Serene helps her learn from the history of others [pride]. Carefree and independent woman she becomes on letting go of the guts she hold [Vanity]. Over time, the girl has become Serene to someone [option] in need. She's happy to be home to the ones who actually loved her being!

📢If you're wondering who the heck on this holy planet Serene is, kindly concern the introduction part.

📢The bracket enclosed [...]  chapters are the special ones who have nothing to do with the story, though. Those are the ones I went with flow.

Is this the feeling you get
when you are anything but desperate and persistent and running out of patience,
in order to end things and go for a new address? Duh

I take it a yes for my own goodness
Thanks to you and Serene
I've started to value myself more than I mean,
This is to say, you've come to the ending.
From here, I take my leave.

Take care!


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