Chapter 30

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No one's pov

Being trapped in the abandoned house. No fans. No nothing. Tied on a chair. Being restricted to move. Doesn't it sound bad?

Chaeyoung and Mina both hands and legs tied onto the chairs. Dried blood all over chaeyoung's body. Mina? She was sleeping with a frown on her face. Must be uncomfortable.

Chaeyoung's POV

Being in a room with no fan. No window. No wind. Heat rained down on them like the breath of hell. The muggy heat pressed in on us, even sweating was no good. It trickled down our necks and backs like warm soup. 

*(basically Chaeyoung regaining his memories)*

" I finally found you. After 10 years we finally meet. I miss you so much. I am Chaeyoung , your baby cub , remember ? "

" Son Chaeyoung ?? My childhood friend ?? My baby cub ?? " Mina asked with teary eyes.

" Yes Its me. I missed you so much. " I held my tears back as i wrap my arms around her body bringing her into my warm embrace.

"Don't go. " Mina said as she hold my hand preventing be from going back to my bed

"What do you want me to do then?" I said her with a hint if happiness

"Cuddle me." Mina said and pulled my hand with more force resulting me in falling on her.

We reached the pool. The boys were just wearing swimming trunks while the girls were wearing bikini.

"Isn't this too revealing?" I whispered into Mina's ear.

"There is no one here anyways. Only us. So don't worry." Mina said as she hugged my bare body.

"H-hey..D-don't c-c-close your e-eyes.." Mina said while crying

"D-don't c-c-cry a-anymore..Y-you k-know h-how m-m-much y-you mean t-to me r-r-right? P-please t-take g-good c-c-care o-of m-my s-sister a-and m-my brothers o-okay? I w-will b-be fine.. D-don't w-worry.
I-i L-l-l-love y--" I fell unconscious when I felt something hid my head.

*end of dream/flashback/memories*

I wake as if it's an emergency, as if sleeping had become a dangerous thing. My heart beats fast and there is a buzzing in my brain and together they are as panic with jump-leads. I was sweating profusely. I don't know if its because of the dream. My heart was pounding with all that adrenaline rush. I wanna pacify myself with a glass of water, but all these have left me weak and trembling. Guess what came back. My panic attack. This place wasnt the best place to have a panic attack but who can control this? No one. I started pouring with sweat, like literally. I started to struggle. I didnt like the fact that im tied up. Never. I started struggling, vry hard. Causing noise to build up. I started crying. The tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face. I feel the muscles of my chin tremble like a small child and I look toward Mina. Hoping that she will at least wake up, although there is no way that she can help me. There is static in my head once more, the side effect of this constant fear, constant stress I live with. I hear my own sounds, like a distressed child, raw from the inside. It takes something out of me I didn't know I had left to give. That's the way it is when people are hard. It's like a theft of the spirit, an injury no other person can see.

"H-h-help m-me please..AH-AHHHH HELP MEEE p-p-please" I shouted

I was crying so hard. I felt like my heart is gonna stop pumping. I need someone. Please help me. Please.

"Chae-chae-chaeyoung? W-whats wrong?" Mina woke up from her sleep, she was greeted woth a sight of me crying.

I couldnt breathe. I felt really bad. I felt like im dying. I cant die yet. I still have to at least let Mina know that i remembered her. I still gave to say 'I love you' to her. I tried to calm myself down.

"Chaeyoung.. Are you having panic attack? Its okay. Just breathe. Nothing will happen ok? Im here. Im here." Mina speaked in her softest voice.

I slowly calmed down. Taking in super deep breath and letting out the same amount.

"I-i-im f-fine. T-t-thank y-you." I told Mina.


Bambam walked toward the only table in the room. Bambam suddenly took out a knife. He was playing with it. Suddenly, bambam and I made eye-contact. He smirked. I continued taking deep breath hoping that i will not have another panic attack. Bambam suddenly stabbed the knife into the wooden table.

"I wonder how this will feel in someone's skin. Especially SON...CHAE...YOUNG'S..." Bambam said

He slowly walked towards me and bend down. He slowly traced the knife on my skin. I saw Mina crying at the corner of my eyes. I mouthed its okay. Hoping that it will comfort her. Bambam grabbed my shirt and ripped it with the help of the knife.

"I see..Hot body ye..Must be working out hard huh! I see. I see. " Bambam said with a smirk.

I felt really exposed at the moment. I couldnt cover myself at all. My body was left exposed. Suddenly, i felt the sharp edge of the knife being pushed into my body, near my chest. Bambam curved a smiley face, like how he curve a pumpkin. It hurt. Really really bad.


"DOES IT HURT? HUH?!?! HAHAHHAHAHA" Bambam said like a crazy man

Mina was crying really badly. I smiled to her. I couldnt do anything. How i wish i can run towards her and hug her right now. Bambam turned and walked towards Mina.

"Do u feel hurt looking at me hurting sonchaeyoung? Why are you crying? Aww. Dont cry. Its not worth it." Bambam said and bend down to wipe Mina's tears, i was raging.

"I SAID STOP CRYING RIGHT?!?!!" Bambam shouted as Mina continued to cry, bambam suddenly throw the knife onto the wooden board near the door, it sticked right through it.

"HEY. EXCUSE ME. THIS IS NOT HOW U TREAT A GIRL. STOP HURTING HER. YOU ARE SCARING HER." I shouted with rage as I started to struggle.

Bambam turned, face red with rage. I grabbed my neck with his hands and started to strangle me.

"WHAT....DID.....YOU....SAY.....TO....ME !??!" Bambam shouted

"B-b-bambam s-stop please s-stoppp" Mina said while crying hard

Bambam losen the grib and said

"I will let you go this time. YOU UNDERSTAND ?!"

I ignored him. He slowly walked put of the room.

"Mina.. Are you okay? Are you hurt?" I said, worrying alot.

Mina nodded as she stopped crying.

"Why are you so red Mina?? Are you sick?" I asked her confused

" are...err.........half naked..." Mina said looking at the floor blushing much.

I looked at myself again. I was pretty exposed. Literally my whole upper body was exposed.

"Er...I don't have a choice.." I said to her, she was still looking red so i decided to tease her.

"You like my full 6 packs😏?? I've been working hard ya know." I said with smirk on my face.

Mina smiled shyly. She looked up again looking at me in the eyes. She was blushing hard, really hard. HAHAH. Its really funny. I spend my entire day teasing her. Not forgetting that we are still stuck. I am still hoping. Please. Jeongyeon, Momo, tzuyu, Nayeon, dahyun, sana, jihyo noona, please help us out.

Author's note
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