The Final Stand

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I was racing around the many different hallways, trying to find where Kylie could possibly be. What if she wasn't even on this floor? I had another 59 floors to check after this one then!

But she had to be on this floor since Ryan was also on this floor.

Every room I had checked so far was Unlocked and simply had nothing inside of them. I guess that's the problem when you have such a massive building, you don't have enough things to put in them all!

However I eventually came across a door that was locked.

I tried to force it open but it just wouldn't work. I stood back a bit before gearing up to kick it when I heard a voice call out to my from my left.

I looked over to see Ryan standing there with a smirk and his arms folded. I frowned at him.

Ryan: if it's Kylie you're looking for then I'm sorry but she's not in there

(Y/n): where is she?

Ryan: oh she's in my room, I've got tied to the bed naked for when I get back! In fact I'm actually heading back now!

He began to chuckle as he walked off round the corner towards the windowed section of the building.

I gritted my teeth before feeling a sudden surge of adrenaline rush through me as I charged after him.

I rounded the corner and he turned back to face me with that stupid smirk on his face.

I quickly tackled him to the ground from behind and I grabbed his hair before using it to repeatedly smash his face into the floor. Sadly it was a rug type flooring so it didn't do much. I stood up before rolling him over to his back before punching him straight in the face.


I felt and heard something snap beneath me. It was almost satisfying in a way.

As I removed my hand I could see His nose was gushing blood from it.

He looked up at me in pure shock and fear as I began to continuously punch him in the face, over and over again.

I could feel his nose becoming more and more out of place and he was attempting to call out for Bethany.

I stopped punching him for a second only to drag him to his feet.

He stood weakly while holding his nose in pain. He glanced up at me as I gritted my teeth again before kicking him in the stomach, sending his back crashing against the glass of the window.

We both heard a slight cracking noise and Ryan looked horrified as he turned around to look at it.

I took the opportunity to grab the back of his head and smashed it into the glass, only spreading more of his blood across the place and cracking the window even more now.

He turned around.


(Y/n): and you're a fucking rapist!

I kicked him in the stomach one last time as it sent him crashing through the glass of the window.

I watched as he tumbled out of the window before making his Quick descent down sixty stories.

I listened as his screams got further and further away from me. I stood there and waited before heading them suddenly stop.

I sighed and I felt all the energy leave my body.

I needed a nap now...

There was no way I was gonna be able to escape when I was this tired...

Not a chance in hell...

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