Chapter Fifty Six

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The sun was up, but it was early.
Being May, it was crisp, so I shrugged into a hooded zip up jumper.
We were trying to be quiet, giving the Girl's and the Babies the chance to keep sleeping.
"Get this into ya."
I twisted around to find Codie had slipped out of the House as well.
He shoved a can of something into my chest.
I could bet it wasn't going to be Coke.
I checked the label and grimaced.
Wild Turkey.
I asked, shooting my friend/housemate a questioning glance.
Codie shrugged.
"It's your Buck's day."
I'd expected we'd be starting on the booze when we got to the Fletcher Creek Rodeo.
I'd not thought he would unleash them now.
"Ya only live once!"
Codie declared, grinning.
Breathing an inward sigh, I cracked the top open on my can.
His grin wide, Codie followed suit.
I lifted my can to my mouth and tipped it up to pour some of the drink into my mouth.
I've been known to enjoy a Wild Turkey and Coke on a Friday or Saturday night, but at 7:00 in the morning?
Even I had to wince as I swallowed the first mouthful.
"Jeez you two are game!"
Jax declared, making his way towards my decking with his usual easy swagger, hands stuffed into his hoody pockets.
"Keep your voice down."
I grumbled.
If we woke the household up now, I was positive both Bailey and Noah would be out for blood.
"This one's got your name on it Jax!"
Codie declared, brandishing yet another can.
Jax's eyes widened, like he'd thought he might get a free pass.
I shot him a smirk.
"It's my Buck's Day and you'll drink if I want you to."
Even though the drinking now was actually Codie's idea...
Jax's wince was one of resignation.
He pulled his hands out of his pocket's, ready to catch.
Grinning, Codie tossed my Cousin a can as he climbed up the stairs.
The door opened behind us.
"Ready for your first Buck's Show Heath?"
Jax asked, grinning.
My little Brother muttered.
I half turned around to find his tone matched what I'd thought I would see.
If the day didn't involve Work, then Heath would gladly sleep until noon.
My Brother ran one hand over his face, blinking his eyes.
"Get this into ya!"
Codie told him, thrusting a can into his chest.
I wasn't too sure that Heath would crack his can open yet.
My bet was that he would fall asleep as soon as we started driving.
But he was less drink seasoned than the rest of us, so I knew we'd have him catching up quickly.
"We ready to go?"
Jax asked, looking around at our small group.
"Waitin' on Lukas and Keegan."
I told him, gingerly taking another gulp of my Wild Turkey, because I could feel Codie's intense stare boring into me.
Codie had been working his angle all week.
I knew that his aim was to get Me the most shit faced that I'd ever been before by the end of the day.
But if I was going down, He was too.
He wouldn't be getting me to have a drink without having one himself as well.
The rumbling of a pair of Diesel engines, though the both of them as different as they were familiar, replaced our voices.
Keegan and Lukas we're pulling in.
I knew Keegan's car anywhere, just as I knew Lukas' V8 Land Cruiser the same way.
Lukas was going to be our driver seeing as apparently we had a few stops to make today.


The Boy's left even earlier than I'd expected them to.
I didn't know exactly what their plans were for the day, but I'd heard that the first stop was a Rodeo in Fletcher Creek.
"Wonder how much trouble our Boy's are gonna get into today..."
Noah mused, joining me in the lounge room and offering me a gently steaming mug.
"I hope the answer is none."
I replied, taking my mug from her.
"And thank you."
She answered, joining me on the lounge.
"So when are the other's due?"
She asked.
"I think around lunch time."
I told her.
"Oh! Now that Jax know's, I can fill you in!"
I twisted to face her.
Noah raised a questioning eyebrow, looking curious.
"Mum's pregnant!"
I shared.
Noah gasped, eyes widening.
"No way?!"
I nodded quickly.
"Way. Apparently. She found out officially on Tuesday."
Noah whispered, shaking her head.
"I know right!"
I agreed.
I'd found out several day's ago, yet the news was still blowing my mind.
Noah grinned.
But it seemed like a cheeky type of smile.
I asked wearily.
She snickered.
"Luka, Brodie and Dale's next Aunt or Uncle will be younger than them!"
I was aware.
I was just trying not to think about it.
I shook my head.
"I doubt we'll be raising them as Uncle or Aunt and Nephew's."
That was just too weird.
Luka asked me, running toward's the lounge.
My heart squeezed.
Noah whispered.
"Daddy's out today, Baby."
I informed the Toddler, running my non coffee holding left hand's finger's through Luka's disheveled raven hair.
Luka's big blue eyes filled with tear's and his bottom lip trembled.
He croaked.
I swallowed hard against my own impending tear's, trying hard to not show my Son just how much he was breaking my heart.
"I can't even deal!"
I pulled my gaze off Luka's face to see Noah with her non mug holding right hand splayed over her face.
Luka asked Noah, his little voice almost husky.
"Codie's with Daddy, Baby."
I informed him.
Luka asked, his adorable little face and voice full of hope.
Apparently I was going to have to get creative on way's to distract my eldest Son today.
It seemed to be one of those usually rarer day's where He was noticing the Guys' absence.
"What about... if we put Baby Shark on?"
I offered the Toddler.
Luka asked, pushing back from the lounge.
"Baby Shark I can do!"
Noah declared, shifting forward to set her mug onto the coffee table and then grab her phone.
Luka exclaimed.
He turned on his heel and ran towards the TV.

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