14. Nice kick

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   Alice's POV:

   As she walked outside, she didn't know where to go. She didn't want to go home back to her ordinary life. Her home didn't feel like a home. More like four walls of swallowed her and her happiness. So she decided to go to the only bar in Riverdale - The Whyte Wyrm.
   She took her bike and drove there. She didn't have a helmet, but she didn't need it. As she walked into the bar, all eyes fell on her. The serpent queen. Well, ex-serpent queen. She noticed the stares and angry looks. She put her middle finger up and shouted.

   -I'm here to drink. Not to pick fights.

   Everyone stopped staring. They all knew what Alice was capable of. She put on a smile and walked towards the bar. Even after all the years, Hog Eye still was the bartender. He poured her drink after drink.
   After all these drinks, she got sleepy. But she knew exactly where she could crash. FP's office upstairs. As she walked towards the stairs, Hog Eye shouted.

   -Hey, Alice, I wouldn't go there. That's FP's office, noone can go there.
   -Ahh, Hog Eye. Who's gonna stop me? Him? You? Don't think so.

   Alice put on a devilish smile and opened the door. Everything was the same as it used to be. The desk, couch, even the vase on the desk and blanket on the couch. Without even thinking, Alice stripped, covered herself with the blanket and fell asleep.
   She liked the way she was acting right now. She could do anything and noone could stop her.

   FP's POV:

   It was time for him to leave the hospital. Fred took him to his trailer and FP thanked Fred for everything. As they parted ways, FP decided to check up on the Serpents. He walked to the Whyte Wyrm, where most of the Serpents usually were.
   As he arrived at the bar, Hog Eye greeted him with some weird news.

   -There is a suprise upstairs in your office.
   -Hog, did you let someone in there? That office is off limits.
   -I know, but just go and check it out.

   FP nodded and headed upstairs. He opened the door and saw someone sleeping on the couch. He got angry, because noone had ever done that. The person woke up and FP could finally see her face. Alice. She was naked, but the blanket covered her.

   -Alice, this is my office.
   -Alice, you have to go.
   -No, I'm good.
   -Then I'll throw you out.
   Alice started laughing and put her head back on the couch. But FP made his decision. He ran up to Alice and picked her up. He didn't care about the cast on his hand. But Alice fought back. She started kicking with her legs. When she was almost carried all the way to the door, she managed to kick his face with her knee.
   FP instantly let her back down on the floor and let out a weak scream. Alice looked at him with a smile on her face, but it changed when she saw the injury. FP's left side of his face was covered in blood. He had busted his head open in that spot the previous night and Alice kicked right in that spot. The blood continued spilling out.
   Alice opened the door and yelled.

   -Hog Eye, bring some napkins and water.

   She saw Hog Eye nod and waited for him to bring the "medicine". While they waited, she looked at FP, who was still bleeding quite a lot. But a smile appeared on his face.

   -Nice kick, Alice.

   Alice smiled back and winked. Hog Eye knocked and gave Alice napkins and a glass of water. Alice took the napkins and made them a little wet. She started to clean his wound and he didn't disobey. She was still naked, just a blanket to cover her. The bleeding had stopped and Alice washed the blood of his face and neck.

   -I should put some clothes on.
   -Yes, of course. I'll wait outside, we need to talk about this.

   Alice nodded and FP left the room. She quickly put on her clothes and folded the blanket. She walked outside the door and felt eyes on her once again. But she ignored it and headed downstairs. FP was sitting at the bar with two glasses of orange juice.
   She joined him and he gave her one of the glasses. She tasted the drink and realized that it had no alcohol in it.

   -FP, what is this? We're not twelve.
   -You have had enough today. No, we're not twelve, but one of us acts that way.

   He smiled at her and she looked back at him with an angry look. But she had a plan.

   -Hog Eye, a shot of tequila.
   -Alice, I can't give you that.

   Hog Eye smiled at FP and her. Alice looked even angrier. But she doesn't give up. She jumped over the bar, took the tequila bottle and poured some into her orange juice, before someone could stop her.
   She jumped over the bar and sat next to FP. She started drinking her drink, but it still tasted like ordinary orange juice. She looked at FP who was smiling at her. He drank his drink and frowned.

   -Eww, Alice. Not a great combo.
   -I was right. We're not twelve, we're nine.

   Alice was pissed off, while FP drank the drink and smiled at her. He knew her really well. Her moves were predictable when she was trying to have a drink.

   -Well, Alice. Why were you in my office?
   -Oh, I wanted to sleep and it seemed like a great spot.

   Alice liked teasing him. They both liked pissing each other off. They ignored all the pain they caused to each other the past couple days.

   -Alice, I think you should go home. I can give you a ride, but you can't stay here.
   -Nice offer, but no. I'll stay here. Or maybe you want to carry me? That turned out great last time.

   Alice giggled. It was her turn to piss him off. FP whispered something in Hog Eye's ear and he nodded with a smile on his face. They both stood up and grabbed Alice. They carried her upstairs, put her in his office and locked the door.

   -Now be a good girl. We'll come for you in two hours and we'll take you home.
   -In your dreams.

   FP walked downstairs and sat at the bar. He had a couple drinks and talked with some of the Serpents, while Alice was upstairs trying to figure out how to get out.
   She looked at the window, but it was the second floor. But she knew just the solution. She grabbed the blanket, tied it to the heavy table. It would help her land more safely, because the drop wouldn't be so big. But before she could climb downstairs, she noticed a Serpent jacket. She put it on with one thought in her head.
"Now this will piss him off"
   So she climbed out of the window and she held onto the blanket to lower the height of the drop. She jumped down and landed safely. She walked back into the bar with the Serpent jacket on. Before FP noticed her, she came up to Hog Eye with a big smile on her face.

   -Tequila, please.

   Hog Eye looked startled. FP finally noticed Alice and looked just as startled.

   -Alice, how...
   -Ohh, you really thought you both could imprison me? Don't think so.

   FP looked like he had just seen a ghost, but he changed his face quickly.

   -Alice, I'll take you home.
   -No, thanks. I'll walk.
   -Well then I'll walk you.
   -Sure, big boy.

   Alice laughed at him and walked outside. FP hurried after her and caught up with her.
   They both walked in silence until Alice spoke.

   -I have to explain the things I said yesterday when we were at my house.
   -Alice, I don't need explanations. It's okay, I wouldn't like me if I were you.
   -You got it all wrong, but I'll explain when we arrive at my house.

   They both walked the rest of the way in silence. FP was going through all the scenarios in his head. They arrived at her house and walked in.
He was hit with the same unwelcoming feeling, but he ignored it.
   She closed the front door and started speaking before they even could sit down.

   -FP, I have to be honest. You are really important to me, but I can't bury you with my problems. I can't ruin your life by fixing mine.

   FP looked at her in disbelief.

   -You could never ruin my life. You are the only thing I live for.

   As he finished the sentence, he took Alice in his arms and kissed her.

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