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dumiretso agad si dohyon sa loob ng starbucks pagkababa niya sa bus. mga five minutes pa siyang naghintay bago dumating si denise.

denise came in holding a folder. she saw dohyon sitting near the corner kaya she walked towards him and bowed as a gesture before pulling the chair infront of her.

"hi denise." he showed a bright smile. she was probably lying if she said it wasn't attractive. nung ngimiti si dohyon parang sumabog yung puso ni denise. how can you be so attractive? anyways, denise handed the folder she was holding. bigla naman may dumating na barista na nag serve nung in-order ni dohyon. he ordered biscotti frappuccino for him and chocolate dalmatian for denise.

"thankyou. libre nalang kita sa sunod!" denise said, wanting to make up for dohyon's treat. "hahaha no need."

they had a small talk after finishing their drink. pagkatapos naman they decided to go home since its getting late. dohyon insisted at walking her home but his mom called him all of a sudden and was told to go hone. "denise, sorry. tumawag si mama eh..okay lang ba na mag-isa ka lang naglakad?"

"oo okay lang!"

dohyon felt sorry but he really had to go home. 6pm na nang makauwi si denise, habang naglalakad siya parang may sumusunod sakaniya kaya she felt scared and fastened her pace but the person was able to catch up with her, she decided to text her brother.

update dahil may
school na kami bukas
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