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I opened the front door and frowned in the second I took in the figure that was standing in the mild darkness in the other side, that was leaning on their hand against the door frame. "How the hell did you get here?" I hissed, crossing my arms and glaring at him. I was used to him somehow appearing wherever I was, but I would've never expected to find him knocking on my door.

He shrugged, brushing back a strand of his brunette hair, the rings on his fingers glistening against the dark shade. "A lovely lady opened the door for me and your last name is on the doorbell, Miss Raine Moore" he just said, acting as if he wasn't seeing anything wrong with it.

"How the fuck do you know my last name?" I asked, putting my hand on the door handle, quickly debating if I should've just closed it and left him outside.

Harry shrugged again, nonchalance in his actions, the corners of his lips turning up in a little sarcastic smile. "I too have my ways."

"Whatever" I replied, rolling my eyes, finally leaving the door open, knowing that I would have never managed to close it and ignore him for the time being, especially while I wasn't the only person in the house. "What do you want?"

The look he gave me showed me that he knew the same thing as well, and for a second I entertained the idea of doing it anyway just to piss him off. "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come to Joel's party with me tonight" he asked, his voice low, but his tone confident.

"Yeah, right" I said sarcastically raising an eyebrow, "never in a million years."

He gave me a little nod, making it clear that he wasn't believing a single word that came out of my mouth. "You know, it's funny" he commented, and I couldn't help but frown at it, hating the way he managed to make me curious with a simple sentence.

"What is?"

"The way you're trying to act like you aren't interested, when I know you are."

I scoffed. "The size of your ego manages to surprise me more every single time you open your mouth."

"On the contrary, you told me yourself" he replied easily, completely affected by my sarcastic approach. "I know you find me interesting, thunderstorm. I know you want to know more."

I rolled my eyes, even though I knew that he was right. He was interesting to me, and I couldn't help but be curious whenever it came to him. I didn't know what it was, if the way he didn't treat me like everyone else did, or the fact that I could distinctly feel that there was so much more than he was letting on. "This is a bit out of character for you, Harry" I replied instead, quickly diverting the conversation. "Are you planning on murdering me or something?"

He chuckled. "You got in my car twice in the middle of the night. Trust me, if I wanted to kill you you'd already be dead."

I stared at him, noticing the smug look on his face, an obvious sign of the fact that he thought he'd just won. And if I had to be honest, he did have a point. "Can't exactly disagree."

"So is it a yes?" He asked, raising his eyebrows in an overconfident glance as he waited for my reply.

I let out a dry laugh. It was hilarious to know that he thought a bit of smart talking would've convinced me to comply to his wishes. "It's a keep dreaming."

"Alright" he replied, not losing his secure stance despite my reply. "You'll come to me by the end of the night anyway."

"Don't get disappointed" I told him, my voice coming out sour. I opened the door a bit wider and looked into the darkened hallway, hoping that he would get the hint. "Now, can you leave or do you have something else to bother me about?"

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