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Hey guys just another active check to see who's here! This will be easy as I just really want a head count of people who are here~

Leave your: USERNAME (if you changed it since applying add it too) TRAINEE NUMBER(s) and NAME(s) of all your trainees that you applied with~ If I accepted your form, don't worry about the trainee number for now and just leave your username and your trainee name anyway ^-^ just so that you are also accounted for.

And one last thing just to remind everyone, if you aren't that active then you are likely not to debut right away. I want to make sure those who are eager get the chance to debut,  so spam all the way because I love spam y'know :) leave a vote too? I did state this in the rules after all, if you need a refresh:

Rule #4 BE ACTIVE in other words, Comment + Vote. This is a way for me to know whether or not people are alive, you don't have to shoot out a million comments in one chapter but seeing that you're actually reading is cool. A vote is greatly appreciated :) I really, and I mean really want to know if you're reading any of them. (I didn't spend all the time working on a chapter so you can ignore it or skip through everything, it's there for everyone's enjoyment)

(This is the last thing I write I promise haha #StreamEclipse #StanGOT7)

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