Chapter 3: Lending a Hand

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(Toruune Cave)

Black Heart: Perish!
She said slashing one of the mushroom-like monsters.

She then approached a pitch black cave.

Black Heart: A dead end, huh? I guess that's a wrap then.
She said as she thought her work was done.

As she was leaving, she suddenly heard a growl behind her. She turned around and caught the appearance of the creature.

It was a dragon.

Black Heart: That's an ancient dragon!
She said surprised.

After she said that, the dragon came out of hiding.
She smirked at herself.

Black Heart: You may actually put up a fight!
She said smirking.

She dashed forward at the dragon and readied her sword.

Black Heart: Take this!!
She said as she raised her sword behind her. As she was getting ready to attack, another small creature appeared on the dragon's head. This confused her. The small creature leaped from the dragon's head and used its head to impact her stomach. She grunted in pain. Her sword disappeared as she hit the ground.
She tried to get up. She sat up just barely. She had to risk it. She thought it was all over for her. She felt dizzy because something was wrong with her HDD mode. Whiched caused her HDD to get deactivated. She reverted back to her normal form.

The dragon had her trapped. Noire was overwhelmed and scared of what was gonna happen. She had sat just sat there, waiting for something to happen.

As she was expecting the worst to happen, someone swooped in.

Neptune: Hyaaa!!!
She yelled as she kicked the side of the dragon's face.

Midoriya: Don't worry! We came to save you!
He said determined while green electricity was coursing through his body.

Midoriya: Don't worry! We came to save you!He said determined while green electricity was coursing through his body

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Neptune looked at Noire which seemed like slow motion.

She landed down with her hand on the ground as she landed on her feet.

Neptune: Wazzup!
She said.

Noire looked at Neptune for a moment.

Neptune: Hey, you're human again. What happened?
She said.

Noire: I don't know. It's strange.
She said as the dragon went for Midoriya.

Noire: Look out!
She said warning him.

Midoriya's instinct came to him as the dragon got close to him.
As the dragon clenched its fist, ready to punch him, he charged up his power up to 8% and dodged its punch.

Midoriya (mind): That punch would have killed me!
He thought surprised.

Neptune: Hey! Don't hog all the fun!
She said.

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