Chapter 2

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Mathews POV

Beep beep

My alarm for 5am went off the rails, ugh stupid alarm clock, why was I up this early? Oh yeah I had to go workout. I hate working out. Such tedious work. Oh well at least im stronger than my best friend Josiah.

Josiah Queen and I were best friends since kindergarten. Sairah Grim and I have also been enemys since 2nd grade but that didnt stop Josiah from befriending her.

Doesnt he see how messed up she is? Her moms super sick all the time so shes probably cold-hearted and pushes people away, she is super poor so thats no good, her brother isnt even protective over her which means he doesnt care and her dad is either dead or never home because whenever Josiah makes me go over there with him Ive never seen her dad or heard her or her brother Ryan talk about him! She is probably mental!

He never listens to me though.

I got ready and skipped my shower knowing I would take one when I got back home.

I was at my dads mansion. I had to live here and visit my mom on the weekends. Ugh my dad hooked up with so many girls i couldnt keep track. It made me mad, call me a mamas boy but I respect my mother whole heartedly, she deserved better than a mess up like him.

He always did things by force. It was always Mathew this Mathew that. Idiot.

I went down and got a protein bar eating 2 of them and drinking some milk.

"Good morning Mathew." Our maid Mrs.Benji spoke.

Kylie Benji was our head staff maid. More like lady butler. Our actual butler was her husband Grayson Benji. He was very strict while Kylie was kind and patient.

"Morning." I said mono-toned. I didnt want to talk at the moment. I was annoyed with my dad. He wants me to take over the businesses but I dont want to. I want a normal life like my mom. Not an extravagant one like his.

But I had no say in the matter. He really sucked.

"Before you head out be sure to grab a jacket, its raining cats and dogs out there." Kylie spoke before disappearing into the distance.

That made me remember the first time I met Pinky. Shes a very lovely girl who delivers the papers. She seems familiar but I cant pin-point it. Shes so beautiful and one of the kindest girls ive ever met.

Josiah says I have a crush on her but I dont believe him. That cant be true right? I honestly dont really believe in love anyways. I mean who really believes in that hullabaloo?

As soon as I walked out I saw her, she threw the already destroyed paper in our lawn.

"Good morning!" She yelled with a pretty smile despite the rain making her eyes flutter.

I noticed her wearing my hoodie i gave her which made me smile.

"Morning Pinky." I called out. I wish I knew her real name. I tried asking her but she decided to keep it a mystery unfortunately.

I got into my lambo and drove off, making sure to slow down so I wouldnt splash the sweet girl.

As I left the neighborhood all i could think was, do i like Pinky?

I reached the gym in no time and took off my hoodie reveling my slick black t-shirt.

I started working out and Josiah walked in.

He looked tired and aggravated.

"Whats up with you?" I asked looking the soked boy up and down.

He rolled his eyes. "Sairah."

He simply said. "That jerk of a women! I splashed her on accident while leaving and she threw a rock at my car making me jump, once I realized it was her I got out and she gave me a piece of her mind. Then out of nowhere slapped me in the face for drenching her." He scoffed.

I looked at his still red cheek.

I muffled my laughter. "Huh."

He shot me a hard glare. I shurgged and continued working. He joined in ad well.

We continued small talk throughout the workout.

He left at 6:00am because he needed to take a hot shower and make sure his younger sisters Niki, his twin, Lilly and Emma were ready for school. Also his mom wanted him back, she is the principal and has to be there much earlier then everyone else.

I stayed for another 45 minutes and left.

I went home, took a shower and got myself ready for school. I put on a real coat this time and left for school.

To my surprise Sairah and Josiah were at each others throats.

"YOU DRENCHED ME YOU BABOON!" Sairah yelled pushing him into a locker then seeing the fury in his eyes and stepping back. Smart choice goth.

"WELL YOU SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE!" He yelled back stepping closer which made Sairah step back.

"OH ARE YOU SCARED GRIM?"Josiah yelled in her face.

Her features turned from worried to stern.

Oh no he used the last name. All i know is with those two if you use the last name then it means something bad.

"What did you call me?" She asked.

"Grim." He said bluntly. Not good man, not a good choice.


"Ha is that the best you got? Victoria."


"Ow!" Josiah yelped, i slowly walked away and bumped into Ana.

I know her, she is Josiahs the moment. He ogles about her non stop.

"Sorry." She mumbled and quickly moved me aside.

"SAIRAH!" She yelled.

I walked to the boys locker room and put my stuff away.

Once I left i bumped into someone which I dreaded.

Bella Romano. Bad girl to the max. Best friends with Mkinzey Steilskin, Italian and Irish dont mix well. They mix to well, causing trouble.

"Your in our way mí amígos." Bella said in a deep raspy tone using that thick Italian accent of hers.

I could barely understand the women.

"vencerlo chico." Bella said again.

I looked at her extremely confused.

Mkinzey scoffed strolling closer to me and making me feel oddly uncomfortable.

"She said scat rich boy." Mkinzey breathed in my ear making me cringe.


"Vamos Mk, We've got work to do, and something to termina." Bella said using that darn accent of hers that made it hard to understand the Hispanic women.

"Bye bye dear." Mk said flirtatiously. The odd thing is I know she doesnt like me, she does that to all guys, she wants them to bow down but us men are stronger then that...well most of us.

I walked to my first class and saw an angry Josiah.

He glanced at me still glaring. I know he wouldnt stay mad at Sairah though. He never did. That fool, he needs to keep a distance from that one.

Sairah might be small in stature and weight and size and everything but she has a temper. Like the saying goes.

She might be 4'11 but her temper is 6'1. Not that exactly but close.

"Alright class, lets start." Mrs. Tamil started.

This is gunna be a long day...

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