Cause we got the floor now, get out of control...

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"You girls look amazing!"

"We know.."

He smiled and took Elenas hand.

"Shall we?"

"We shall!"

We got into a taxi and drove for about half an hour. It was really difficult getting to the concert because there was 3 million girls standing outside. Mary wanted to push her way to the entrance, when I saw James. One of Nialls personal body guards. He was looking through the crowd trying to find me and Hazz. I jumped high in the air and waved to him. He didn't see me at first, but after 5 tryes he finnaly waved back. With no effort at all he came straight to us with two security guards. James took my hand and started dragging through the crowd. I looked back and saw that El and Mary were with a security guard, and a little more in the back I saw Harry hiding under a hoddie. The security guard was helping him get past the screaming girls as unnoticable as possible.

We finnaly made it to the gate and entered. It was so silent backstage. Well, compared to the fans outside. The first thing I heard was a hysterical laugh, that belonged to the one and only..

"Niall! Get over here, your friends are here!"

I playfully hit James with my elbow.

"And your girlfriend!"

He rubbed his arm and acted hurt. I just smiled and hugged him. He was like my big brother. We always pulled pranks on eachother when I was backstage on Nialls concerts. There was this one time, when he recorded me smiling like an idiot when Niall dedicated me a song. He put it online of course. But I got him back with salted coffee.

I was checking out some of the clothes that Niall had to pick to wear on stage. I always helped him with it. I took a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt that had a big FREE HUGS sign printed on it. I was just about to check out the shoes when I felt two strong arms around my waist.

"Hows my princess today?"

"Perfect! You? Nervous?

He said no, but I could see he was. He was always nervous. But as soon as he stepped on stage, all of his problems went away. He said hi to Mary and Elena and gave a big bear hug to Hazz. He came back to me and lifted me bridal style.

"Screw singing, we're running away!"

Before I could say or do anything he was already running towards his room. He put me on the couch and closed the door.

"What did you do that for?"

"I need to talk to you about something."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"This is really hard for me to tell you. Its a pretty big thing. Okay here it goes..."

He took a deep breath and couldnt get the words out out of him. He was makinh me worried and nervous.

"What is it?"

"The managment thinks it would be a great idea to sing a duet with a girl and I asked who and they said it was up for me to choose and I was wondering if you could sing with me since it should be a love song and I love you and no one else."

After he stoped talking he almost fainted cause he didnt breathe at all. The words were flowing through my mind. Singing? Me? Can I even sing? I mean, yeah i sang in the shower and stuff, but could I do it infront of millions of people? Niall stood up and got two bottles of water. He drank almost the whole water out of his in a second and gave me the second bottle. I took a sip and played Nialls speech in her mind again.

"So what do you think?"

"Niall this is huge! I'd love to! But im not a singer."

"I know that! I thought this could be your big  break!"

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