taekook:good boy(r)

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feat. little! yoongi

warnings: neglect, yoongi is a brat, tae is a sweetheart

requested by: bubbly_taebby



jungkook hummed in acknowledgment, the little, blue blanket clutched tightly in his hand, the other's thumb snuggled between his pink lips as he gazed blurrily at his daddy.

jungkook cooed, spoon of pancake flying towards another little's mouth, the other little giggling as he opened wide with a playful 'ahh'.

taehyung frowned when he saw the little, his friend yoongi, and when jungkook didn't give him the usual hug in the morning.

maybe daddy's just busy now, yoonyoon's over.

"daddy? t-taetae's up now, can taetae get b-bweakfast too?"

jungkook glanced at him before turning back to yoongi, grinning as he fed the other,"good morning, tae. your breakfast is on the kitchen table, go get it okay?"

a pout formed on the little's lips, because why isn't daddy helping taetae get his dinner?

he sighed, deciding to be a good boy just to get his cuddling session with jungkook and.. maybe even a reward!

"o-okay, daddy!"

taehyung swung the blanket onto his shoulder, thump slipping out of his mouth before scrambling to the kitchen and grabbing his plate of pancakes..

with no syrup.

taehyung whined, annoyed and disappointed, where was the syrup that jungkook always promised to put on his pancakes every morning?

his thoughts immediately shifted to stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum, because it just wasn't fair.

yoonyoon's pancakies had sywup.. why doesn't taetae's?

but the sight of his daddy, still feeding yoongi though, calmed him.

taetae's gonna be good an' get a reward! daddy's rewards are always nice.

taehyung silently placed his plate across the two, eyes glazing over as he watched jungkook coo, at yoongi, not him, and as jungkook fed the little, yoongi thrashing around as he wailed im happiness, eyes nearly shut in glee.

taehyung mumbled to himself, eyes going down to his own stack of pancakes.

three pancakies. daddy knows taetae only wants two!

"d-daddy.. why does taetae g-get thwee pancakies, an'-an' no sywup..?"

he stared at jungkook, pouting shyly, afraid to get a punishment because jungkook looked busy.

it was a rule to never disturb jungkook when busy, unless it was important and though jungkook would view pancakes unimportant, taehyung thought otherwise.

jungkook looked at him, yoongi growling as he did,"baby? what do you mean?"

taehyung could've sobbed right there.

"d-daddy g-gave taetae thwee pancakies, n-not two! an' no s-sywup! he pwomised!"

jungkook sighed, using a tissue to dab at yoongi's cheeks,"tae, daddy's busy now, could you be a dear and get the syrup? daddy's sorry he forgot. he'll take one pancake away."

taehyung whined, but stretched over to grab the bottle of brown syrup as jungkook moved one pancake from taehyung's plate to his own.

taehyung looked at jungkook with hopeful eyes, shoving the bottle into his hands, hoping for a warm reply but all he receieved was a grunt, and jungkook shooting him a displeased look.

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