Chapter 22

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•Cheryl's POV•

It's been 6 months since the incident. Damon's been in a coma ever since and no sign of Amelia. The doctor said that if the bullet was 2 millimetres to the right, it would've punctured a major artery and Damon would've bled out in seconds, but he still sustained a lot of damage. He isn't showing any signs of improvement and to be honest, I've been thinking of pulling the plug. Everyday he looks weaker and weaker, his colour is drained, he lost a drastic amount of weight, but I just can't do it, not until I find Amelia. They are meant for each other. They are supposed to be with each other till the end, I just know it.

I walked over to Damon's bed and kneeled beside him.

"Hey big bro. How's it going?" I spoke as if I was expecting a reply. I held back my tears.

"The company is missing you. Even Freddy misses you. Please just wake up. Amelia.." I tried finishing my sentence but my voice cracked. The tears were blurring my vision. I've cried every single day and yet I'm not out of tears. I took a shaky breath before speaking once again.

"We are still searching, but if you wake up, I know we will find her. Just please Damon. Open your eyes." I held his hand against mine. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the bed. I let tears fall out. He can't die like this. I'm not letting him. I was interrupted by knocking on the door. I muttered a "come in." as Freddy and Kyle walked in. Kyle's eyes were all red and puffy while he was holding Freddy's hand tightly. Who knew the horniest guy on earth didn't actually just like girls. I'm glad he settled down with Kyle.

"Hey Cheryl. Any improvement?" Freddy whispered. I nodded my head no and gave him a sad smile.

"Aren't you supposed to be at the company?" I was getting slightly mad at Freddy since he barely looks after Damon's business. He worked so hard for it to become this big and just because of a incident, it all would come down crashing in seconds.

"I took a day off." Freddy muttered.

"A day off?!" I hissed at him.

"You have been saying the same thing everyday for a whole week! Can't you see how hard Damon has worked for his company! He built if from dust and now that he's not there, you have to starting acting responsible! Damon only trusted you and you have the audacity to let him down like that! " I finished my rant and saw Freddy look terrified yet happy, as did Kyle.

"What! What are you guys smiling like that!" I crossed my arms, still confused.

"Oh come on Cheryl, don't be too harsh on the kids." A scratchy voice crocked out. My heart was beating about of my chest and my legs felt like jello. I couldn't breath as I turned around.

"Damon." I rushed over to him and hugged him as tight as I could.

"Don't hug me too tight, I might slip into a coma again." Damon chuckled.

"I heard everything by the way. Everything everyone said." Damon gave us a weak smile.

"I-I will go get the doctor.." Kyle rushed out of the room.

"Who's Amelia?" My breathing stopped and the room went silent.

"That's not funny Damon, cut it out." Freddy muttered.

"No I'm being serious, you would always talk about her while I was in a coma. Who is she and how did I end up here." Damon sat up from his bed.

"Amelia.. She's your girlfriend and you got shot and went into a coma. It's been 6 months." I explained. Damon let out a laugh.

"Me? Having a girlfriend? Impossible. I don't do relationships." Ever single word he said broke my heart each time.

"Damon. She's been missing for 6 months. We have to find her. Just believe me on this! You guys are meant for each other." My voice cracked. Where the hell is the doctor. The door swung open, startling us all.

"Mr. Blaine, welcome back." A lady doctor said.

"Dr. Lee, he can't remember some stuff. Fix it, gosh I'm having trouble breathing this isn't happening right now." Freddy was behind freaking out.

The doctor gave us a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, temporary amnesia is very common for patients waking up from long comas. He will remember everything in a couple of days. Now I want him to stay at the hospital under supervision for at most a week. We need to keep track of his injuries even though they are fully healed." The doctor finished and exited the room and I could help but feel excited once again.

"Please just try to remember Amelia. Short girl, brown hair, really bitchy attitude." Freddy explained, receiving a punch from Kyle. Gosh they are adorable.

"Freddy! Be nice!" Kyle rolled his eyes.

"Fine.. I'll explain properly.." Freddy whined.

"Amelia Claire. She's this super sweet girl who used to be your personal assistant but you guys kinda um... Created a bond. Then she found about your illegal activities and you basically kidnapped her but y'all started having feelings for each other then dumbass Alejandro got involved, you killed him and took Amelia back. Then, Andrea, who turned out to be Alejandro's older sister shot you and took Amelia." Freddy said in one single breathe. I saw Kyle's expression change into anger.

"Damon kidnapped Amelia? Is that why she went missing for a couple weeks and didn't show up for work? You son of a bitch I will punch the memory back into you." Kyle lunged forward towards a very confused Damon as I used all my strength to hold him back.

"Whoa there. Aren't you glad he kidnapped her. They are together now." I said as Kyle anger wore out.

"Fine." He grumbled angrily.

"I don't even know who this Amelia chick is." Damon shifted into his bed and closed his eyes.

"Now leave everyone, I'm tired." Kyle rolled his eyes as we all exited the room. It felt as if the weight on my shoulders were lifted but an even heavier burden was placed on top of me.

An: So y'all prolly wondering why is there more chapters now? Well after thinking for a while, I've decided book two was too short to be an actual book so I decided to unpublish that one and just add the chapters onto book one! Also, I've stopped writing for a bit but I'm trying to get back into it again! I've been working on some projects but I always end up not liking it but I'll try to get something published since I actually miss writing! Anyways hope you guys have been doing well! Let someone know in the comments that you love them! Say something positive.

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