Chapter 22

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War changes people. Dacytus Rham had heard that said many times before. He had always assumed that meant normal men and women who went to war. He was a Jedi. Surely, a Jedi would be above such change.

He had not been prepared for how wrong he would turn out to be. Then again, maybe he wasn't as much of a Jedi as he thought he was. The Council had warned against getting involved in the conflict between the Mandolorians and the Republic. Like his Master, he had not been satisfied with that stance and so when Revan had promised a chance to defend the Republic, they answered the call.

Officially, the Jedi Council had renounced all the Jedi that had followed Revan. They were no longer "true Jedi" even though most of the public still called this special detachment as such. Over the course of the war they agreed and decided they no longer wished to be called by the name 'Jedi'. So they called their band of Force-weilding and lightsaber brandishing group of warriors after their leader- Revan.

The Knights of Revan, they called themselves, or Revanites. While many of them still wore robes and garments that resembled the Jedi, they had become something very different. Dacytus, or Dac, as his platoon called him, was no longer a Jedi. He was an avenger or the innocent. A Revanite.

His brown Jedi robes had been replaced by ones of light gray with a maroonish trim. His face had went displaying the smooth charm of a young boy to the rough stubble of a man. He had begun to grown in a beard as well and had shaved his head bald. There was still a youthful quality about his face, though.

The Battle on Dxun had taken place almost three standard years ago now. Three years since his Master's death at the hands of the Mandolorians. In that three years, he had become more devoted to the Revanite cause. Even more so to one of it's leaders, Malak.

After Revan and Malak had heroically rescued their squad on Dxun, Malak had taken him under his wing. He had completed his training with the Force under Malak, and he had been a great teacher. He was now in the inner circle of the Revanite Order.

Dac now stood on Coruscant amidst the Revanite and Republic ranks in Monument Plaza. The large open area served as the location for a much-anticipated public address by Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa.

The plaza itself was a large square area with four cone-shaped statues near either corner. In the center, sat the planet's only uncovered mountaintop. In front of the mountaintop a large podium had been constructed and atop that a steel lectern had been fastened.

The plaza was jam-packed with people all waiting to hear the update on the war. The crowd was abuzz with excitement eagerly anticipating the words the Chancellor had to say. Along either side of the stage, stood both Republic troopers and Revanite and Jedi generals.

Vrook Lamar stood on one side of the stage, standing guard. On the other side, also standing guard, was Dac's mentor, Malak.
Both men stood at attention with their hands clasped behind their backs. For a moment, they regarded each other with what looked to be mutual disdain. While the Jedi had initially refused to take part in the war, they had stepped in about halfway through the conflict.

The crowd erupted with clapping and cheering as Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa walked out onto the podium. He was an older human man dressed in a long and elegant flowing red and white robes. The folds of the robe had swirling designs sewn into the fabric with golden lace. His white hair was combed back neatly against his scalp.

He held up his hands as a sign for those gathered to be quiet. The crowd settled down and eagerly waited for what he was about to say.

"I want to start off by thanking everyone for coming out here," he said enthusiastically. "I want to thank each and every person who had a part in bringing us to this point.

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