fivesecondsofanfic (part 2): NO Clubbing for you!!!

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hey love maybe to continue the fivesecondsofanfic, you could do one where ash, mikey, cal, and lukey are all brothers, and there all 18, and ashtons 19 except forr luke hes 16, and they always make fun of him for not being 18, and not being olde enough to go clubbing and leave him out, and one day dad harry, and papa louis (have to include some larry) see him in his room crying about not being "old enough", and they talk to the boys and make them say sorry to luke, and everything become better again aw aw :))))

Sure will do it!!


Luke (16 years old)

Calum (18 years old)

Michael (18 years old)

Ashton (19 years old)

Harry- Papa

Louis- Daddy

Ashton, Calum, and Michael is going to clubbing without Luke, but Luke is 16 years old he can't go with his brother to clubs, drink, or even girls/boys. He is left out whiled his brothers have fun.

He saw his brothers getting ready for the club they were excited for it.

"Hey, Calum can I go to clubbing with you guys," Luke asked hopefully. Calum started to laugh at Luke," 16 years old can't go clubbing only people is older enough now would you leave so I can be finished." Luke went away went into Michael's room.

Michael was dying his hair red and pulling his clothes out for the club too. "Michael, can we hang out tonight?" He shooked his head.

"I am going to the club too Luke so no," Michael said going back what he was doing. Luke nodded and went to Ashton's room sad. Ashton was getting ready for club to with his friends.

"You going to the club too, Ash," Luke asked and Ashton nodded.

Luke nodded back he wished he was 18 years old too like his brothers, but no he can he have to wait for 2 years by now. His brothers gets to do everything clubbing, dancing, drinking, and girls/boys.

He went in the family room whiled his papa and daddy was at a dinner date for themselves. He heard foot pounding on the hard wood floor he looked up is brothers looking good for tonight now he really wants to be 18 years old. He crossed his arm to his chest.

"Well, we have to go loser," Calum laughed.

"You wished you were like us," Michael join in. Luke looked down sadly.

"Oh, don't me sad you will be 18... in.. 2 years," Ashton said as everyone was laughing and Luke didn't like. He felt tears going down on his cheeks.

"The baby is crying don't worry daddy and papa will rescued you." The boys laughed again as walking out of the house. Luke heard the car turn on as driving away.

Luke went to his room crying his heart out wishing he was 18 years old so he can should them stop making fun of him.

Harry and Louis came back to their dinner date, they open the door hearing crying in the house. They was following the sound as the sound was coming from Luke's room. Harry open the door seeing Luke crying they rushed to him cuddling him until he stop.

"Honey, what's wrong," Louis asked. Luke sniffed and told them that his was making fun of him about not being 18 and a cry baby. They were both mad, but calmly seeing Luke in his state. They decided to watch a movie and cuddle until the boys get a back for clubbing.

Later the night, the boys came back from the night. Ashton open the door seeing two angry dads in the front door.

"Boys, can you have a seat please," Louis said strictly. They nodded sitting on the couch.

"Well, me and your dad came back from dinner and heard someone crying as we found who it was Luke, he told you 3 have been giving him a rough time tonight and I don't like it one bit, so I wanted you 3 go up and apologize to Luke and you guys are ground about 2 weeks tormenting your brother tonight," their papa said sternly.

They all nodded scarily went up to Luke's room apologizing to him and hugging him too.

Everything became back what it was....


How about that fivesecondsofanfic?

Still open requests!!!

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