Chapter 41: Kat Part 1

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I'd imagined so much what it would be like to die over these last couple months that death had almost lost its significance by now.

The poke of the sharp blade touching just above the rhythmic heartbeat underneath the skin of my neck should have been alarming. And it was, kind of. Though, more than anything else I felt in that moment, I felt pissed off.

I had escaped this motherfucking family, Blake had died in the process, and now here I was, less than a week later, back in almost exactly the same predicament I'd escaped. The only difference being location and Dominic's presence.

At some point I just had to wonder if this was my destiny, and if maybe I should stop running from it.

"Ray, please put the knife down." Poor sweet Dominic. He had never asked for any of this. All he wanted was to love me and have me love him back without complications. How unfortunate for him to not realize that me, in and of myself, am a nasty complication.

"Why should I? What do you have to leverage against me to make me not slit her throat, Dominic?" His tone was so eerily calm, slithering through my ears with his mouth so close to them.

Dominic's handsome face turned confused. "What?"

"You've got nothing." He drew his words out and let them hang in the air above us, dripping grime and hatred down on us all. "My business is ruined. My family is gone. I've got nothing to lose... and that makes me a very dangerous man to you."

Admittedly, he was actually right. Dominic's lingered pause said that he also recognized the truth in Ray's words. Neither Dominic or I knew what to do. We were out of moves and out of time.

"You know," His breath touched my cheek and I felt an unpleasant shiver zip down my spine. "For someone who was always such an outspoken loud mouth, you're curiously quiet now."

"I have nothing left to say," I breathed out.

"Are you sure you don't want to use your last few moments to beg for your life, to tell my idiotic son-in-law how sorry you are that you fucked up so badly?" A sharp pain sliced through the back of my skull as his hand that was fisted into my hair tugged my head back.

His lips found my ear, and I struggled to move away. "Or do you want to use that sorry mouth of yours to apologize to me for destroying everything I built in my life?"

"I don't owe you a goddamn apology for anything."

"Ah, and there she is," Ray said with a smile in his voice. "You know it's a shame you never got the chance to have some manners fucked into you. I spoke on the phone with your would-be-buyer a few days after the auction, and though he didn't want to risk the sale, he did say that you had the tighest pussy he'd felt in years."

Horror washed the blood clean out my face and swept a nauseating chill through my body. "Stop it," I begged, my voice trembling terribly as I caught the look on Dominic's face; like he'd just had the wind knocked out of him

Ray directed his attention back to Dominic. "I don't need to ask if fucking your nanny was worth it after he described how she felt inside."

A scream clawed its way up my throat and tore free and I thrashed in his hold. "Stop it!" Dominic couldn't hear this. He didn't need to know this. This was my burden to bear and not his. It would destroy him to hear what was being done to me while he was in the same building, probably only a few hundred feet away at the time.

The press of the knife deepened against my neck, and petrified my limbs in place.

"Do that again, and you'll die right now without any last words," Ray threatened right up against my ear. I tried to fight down goosebumps rising on my arms that I wasn't sure were due to feeling his repulsive lips so close or the undeniable truth labeled in his threat.

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