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Hello guys as you can see as your reading you know this is not a update . I been wanting to tell you guys about how I feel about this book for a while now . I know for the past couple of months I have been doing slow updates . And I know how that feels when you read a book you really like on wattpad and the writer takes forever to update .

And every writer has different reasons for why they haven't updated which is understandable. But my reason for not updating is because I feel as though I'm not getting any comments or votes . I don't want votes or comments for my book to be in the highest rank . I want votes and comments because it let's me know if you guys enjoyed the chapter or not .

I enjoy when you guys comment on little parts getting into the story it really makes me happy because it makes me feel I'm doing something right . But I haven't really getting much of that though .

I see how many people read each chapter and it's over 100 plus readers , almost 200 readers or more each chapter.

I would love to see most of those readers commenting or voting . But tell me how you guys feel . Should I continue this story ? Am I asking for too much ?



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