Breastfeeding Baby!Harry

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Harry (headspace 8 months baby)

Zayn- Daddy

Louis- Dada

Niall- Baba

Liam- Papa

Liam got up around 7:00 because he heard Harry's cries in the other room. He got out of Louis touch and out of bed walking to Harry's room seeing Harry helding the bars too tight as his cheek was full with tears.

Harry saw his papa walking into the room grabbing hands to him wanting to be held.

"What's wrong baby boy," his papa asked. Harry started to wince and sniffed. Liam patted on Harry's diaper feeling wet on the bottom. He went straight to the changing table after he changes Harry he put rash cream on Harry so he won't get a rash.

Liam grabbed his dummy put it in his mouth since, Harry won't go to sleep anytime soon Liam decide to make Harry a bottle.

Liam put Harry in the bottle in his month, but Harry move his head away from the bottle. Liam frowned did it again and Harry move his head again.

Liam shook his head decided to wake up Louis, but he didn't want to he needed him because Harry is more closer to his Dada. Liam carried Harry the room where his lovers is in the room sleeping peaceful. Liam shooked Louis shoulder as he groaned his eyes open sleepy looked at Liam carry Harry.

"What you need babe," Louis asked whispery so he won't wake up the others.

"Harry, won't drink his bottle," Liam said as Louis nodded getting out of bed.

Louis walked in the bathroom as Liam followed pulling out the pills for breast feeding took them waiting 2 mins. Liam set his phone in 2 mins later the phone ding Louis pulled Harry in his lap pulled down his shirt letting Harry closed to his nipple.

Harry wasn't sure, but sucked it feeling milk going down his throat. Harry signed happily as he fell asleep in Louis chest. Louis fit himself and gave Harry to Liam went back to the room and sleep.

Liam chuckle at his lover as he put Harry in his room tucking him in, as he went to his room sleep with boyfriends.

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