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Ethans POV
I sit by my mom and Grayson as I start to sweat in anticipation. I got invited to go to Teen Choice and I honestly can't believe I made it here. Starting the channel was just a joke. Just for fun to make Alivia happy. Now here I am, sitting here and waiting to see if I get an award.

As the category comes up, they read off the names. "Ethan Dolan," is the last name they said as I sit in wait as the crowd goes silent. The envelope seems as though it is taking forever to open. As they pull out the card, I close my eyes. "And your winner is... Ethan Dolan!" I open them as eyes met mine as people applaud. I stand up and hug my mom as she says into my ear, "I'm so proud of you." I walk through the aisle as I head up to the stage. Multiple people touching me and screaming into my ears. When I get up to the stage, they hand me the surfboard as I walk up to the microphone. "I've never been good at doing things like these. I also don't have a speech plan so we're just going to wing it." I look into the crowd as I meet with my moms eyes and then look over to Grayson. "When I first started my channel, I meant it as a joke. My friend Alivia said that it was a good idea. And I listened. Putting that video out there was embarrassing, but when I got woken up by her shaking me and saying that I got all these views I thought she was joking. If Alivia didn't make me do this, I wouldn't be standing here. If it wasn't without my mom, standing by my side and pushing me until I got the point now I wouldn't be here. After my father died, my mom was really the only other person I had left. I also thank my brother as well. Grayson has always kept me on my feet. He was the one who made me go out for football at a younger age along side my dad. He would always carry this football around when we were younger and I would toss it back and forth with him. No matter what day it was, he never failed to put a smile on my face. When I started to get older I noticed things were off about him. He acted differently and he didn't go to school with me. I constantly asked my parents why but they said that they we tell me later. When I got old enough, they finally told me that he had autism and that's why he didn't come to school with me and acted differently. Over the years, I became closer and closer to him until now. Everyday, I wake up and see the smile come onto his face when he sees me and that alone makes my day. All I want to say is that I want to thank him and everyone else for who I am today." Everyone claps and cheers as I stepped down from the podium and walked back down towards where my mom and brother were. When I got over I sat down and pulled Grayson into a hug. "I love you so much Grayson." Although I didn't get a response back, I knew that he loved me to.

Hey everyone, this is the end of the book! I just want to say thank you to everyone who stayed along for the whole thing and continued to vote and comment. I'm so thankful for all of you and I hope all of you come back when I post another story. Also thank you for 4K reads!
Love you all and goodbye!

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