Part 9

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The damage too my foot was worse then I thought... After what seemed like years of running I came too a stop... My heart was almost exploding out of my chest, my throat was so dry it felt like sandpaper! And my foot... Holy ****! How are am I alive...Everything ached, so much...

Eventually I stopped near a tree and caught my breath. When, after about 20 minutes, my breathing slowed I cautiously looked towards my injured foot...


Was the only word that could come to my mind... The foot was twisted almost 100 degrees to the left... It had a bone, yes a bone, poking out the side. It was bruising very badly there. The adrenaline was wearing off, the pain crept in slowly. Came as a buzz sensation but turned into something way worse.

I felt hopeless, how long would it be before they found me? An hour maybe, if I was lucky. Then again, I may be passed out from pain by then.

I rested my head on a tree behind me, and let my eyes close. The pain so awful, any other thoughts always came back to it.

"How do I get in these situations anyways..." I thought out loud. Then something amazing happened.

I were torn away from the thoughts of pain to something else...

I stopped crying, which I didn't even realize I had been. And listened again...

A gloved hand grabbed my shoulder, I didn't even try to move. It would hurt just too much.

"s-stupid." An all too familiar voice said behind you.

The ticking boy himself came and sat next too me, I winced ready for a punishment.

"You're l-lucky I found you in time..." He said jerking a bit as he talked. He came a little closer, how did he even find me? Doesn't matter anyways. I examined his features in the dark... He was around the same age as me, and too be honest... He wasn't that unattractive...

"Look... I-I'm s-sorry." He said, not looking at me... He seemed hurt, hurt that I left him. But also hurt in himself, for letting me leave him...

He turned and stared deep into my E/C eyes with his own brown ones. "You have an e-effect on us Y/N." He said, almost angry. "Even if you nev-ver come out of that d*mn room, everybody still is im-mpacted b-by you..." He crooked out. "I don't know what i-it is a-about you..." He continued, you felt your cheeks burning. Mostly from embarrassment. "But I lo-love you Y/N." He finished... This was an odd place for something like this. Your foot pain had subsided, a new pain had taken over.

"Toby I-" I bit my lip, turning away... He had been one of the few people there too actually care about me.. but... how? How was I suppose to love somebody, No, even like somebody who had taken me. Taken me away from my life! Tears streamed down the corners of my eyes.

"Toby, how am I suppose to love somebody who ruined my life?!" I said bitterly. I did not care, all the rage that had boiled for months... All the pain! How would he expect me too even look at him without pure loathing always being there.

I turned to stare at him, into those brown, devilish eyes! But... They were teary, filled with guilt and sorrow.. Somehow guilt rised into my own heart. But why?

"I understand..." He said, trying to hide all emotions. "But may I at least tell you why we are doing all of this?!" He said with venom.

"Go for it." I said coolly. What in the world could justify their actions! Their awful, inhuman, act-

"Somebody is out for you. Most likely too kill you." He said. This caught you a little off guard, but still~

"So? You are all out to f***en rape me!" I spat back. Even though they'd never tried I had a hunch... His cheeks turned so red at this.

"Will you shut up!? If you want we can just hand you over! Saves us the time!"

"Too who! Who is this 'somebody'?!" I almost screamed.

He stared daggers at you, but you held your ground.

"Zalgo." He whispered.

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