Chapter 1

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The Final Meeting~

I was running towards a voice, Her voice. I could never forget it. I have to find her; she's calling me, I need to get to her. This time I wont let her go; she needs to know that I.....




"Mother fucker." I mumbled.

I was rudely awoken by the loud knocks on my door; so I took the blade on the side of my dresser and flung it. The blade jammed into the door, giving the person on the other side their answer. The person continued to knock as I tried to go back to sleep.


I glared at the window where light intruded from; as I cursed under my breath, for not closing the curtains last night. I got out of the bed noticing my morning wood. I rolled my eyes as I made my way to the bathroom. An hour later, I was finally finished getting ready for the day. I went to the mirror so I could check myself out. Anybody from a mile away could tell that I love black. I wore a black dress shirt, with silver buttons; the first one undone, along with black dress pants and shoes. I walked out the door taking my jammed blade with me, with a smirk on my face.

"I will need you later." I said smiling, at what's yet to come.

Once I made it to the meeting room, I barged in, shoving the doors open harshly. All eyes were on me and filled with fear; except for my dad and two brothers.

"Who was sent to get me?" I asked, looking at everyone in the room.

"Me m-m-ma'am." Timothy stuttered, trying hard not to tremble in fear. For a second I thought he was going to shit his pants.

What a pathetic sight, I thought. Shaking my head I walked to the table raising my right hand. Everybody left but my family.

"Let the meeting begin" I stated, looking at the files scattered on the table for all to see.

"Well, good morning grumpy." my younger brother, Joneal, said with a slight smile.

I didn't answer him, I don't know why he steadily says good morning, knowing I will ignore his ass. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother; but after what happen 4 years ago, I stopped being nice and all that other crap. I looked over to my father, but cant tell what he's thinking; like always.

"Well hurry up sis, so we can kill this bastard." my older brother Tilk excitedly said, while playing with his custom made dagger. You see my older brother has this sort of thirst for blood that just can't be explained.

"Calm down Tilk, Raymond will die soon; but first I need to make sure you two know his updated schedule before we skin him alive." Literally. Tilk and I shared and exchanged devilish smiles. Oh Raymond were coming for you, and we will make you wish you was never born. I was thinking of all the ways we will torture him, when my thoughts were interrupted.

"Nyla; inform your brothers of the new information about the target." my dads emotionless voice echoed through the room. I began to tell them where Raymond will be; tomorrow at three. They already knew everything else; I mean, after all he is an old friend of Joneal.

After my father got done briefing us about how important it was to kill Raymond, I headed to the office door thinking about how he messed with my future empire. I wont give him a quick death, Oh no, that will be too easy. Insted I will use him to send a message to all our enemies. Every single one of them will understand.

You Don't Fuck With The Paynes.

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