Chapter 2

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The ride was very bored for the energetic redheads, the glance at the window and noticed the environment was changing, beautiful but weird.

Ethan can you see that tree ? Nathan mind link Ethan. As he glance through he mirror and noticed a big tall tree, standing in the forest.

Yeah we'll climb it some day, Ethan reply with sparkles in his eyes.

Am boreeeeeee ! Nathan whine still mind linking.

Me too ! Ethan reply

And the both huff, tapping theirs foot impatiently. The black jeep pull in front of a gigantic building, and the gate with bars shut behind it.

The slammed the door opened, Finally ! the both screamed out.

Come with me, Martins said walking ahead of the boys. The huff but followed him. The house was silent, as the walked their steps echoed in the hall, then they entered a really big room, with stairs left and right leading up. The room looked like a palace, with many royal furniture.

Woa..... The both gasped. Seeing themselves already running around the big house.

You are welcome sirs. An old man, wearing black trousers, long sleeve white collar shirt with a black vest on it.

Is this ? Nathan started with his right eyebrow raised, pointing at the man.

Our Father ? Ethan ended with the same expression.

No, look ! here he is, Martins pointed to the stairs and the boys look.

Black business shoes, black suit, black hair, but amber eyes. A handsome young man walked down the stairs.

By his side was a young beautiful, sexy lady in a white dress, and a whit high hill boot.  white hair, blue eyes and red lips.

The redhead boys stare in awe as the both walked to them. The handsome young man, looked at Martin eyes to eyes.
After some short minutes Martins half nodded. Then he turned to look at his sons.

Go with him, we'll talk later. His voice was soft but had an extraordinary base. He walked pass them with the lady by his side.

He is weird, Nathan said still staring at their father as he left.

Yeah, definitely weird ! Ethan said in the same position.

When he had disappeared behind the doors. The redheads turned to look at the old man standing.

Okey minsters we'll start placing your stuff in you people's various rooms. He said.

Various... Nathan started

Rooms ? And Ethan ended

Yeah, the man nodded.

Never ! We can't be.. Nathan started separated Ethan ended

Welllll...... The man paused thinking.

Okey, let's call someone to take those bags of yours. He clapped his hands, and a young teen. Walked in.

Yes sir, he answer standing in front of the older man.

Take this cases to room 14, he said and the boy half nodded, grabbing the case and walking upstairs.

Follow me, the older man said climbing the  stairs and they boys obeyed.

What's your name ? Ethan asked

And the man chuckled, Weston sir,

Weston why are you calling us sir ? Nathan asked

Curse you are the son of my master. Weston simply stated not looking at the amber eyes staring at him. After many minutes of climbing the stairs, the finally arrived in the third floor, in front of room 14.

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