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Date: July 12, 2019
Time: 9:59 p.m.
Location: Ariana's house.

Ari p

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Ari p.o.v 👇🏼

*ignore the background music*
"Whew bitch I'm tired now"
Jas: "😂😂 bitch you should be allat ass you was shaking"
"Period POOH AHT"
Jas: "lmfaooo bitch you need to save allat voice for east tonight at the club"
"Girl I am so excited but nervous you know I haven't been fw nobody since you know who"
Jas: "yea Ik sis but don't let it effect this what your trying to get into now"
"I'm not I'm going to see how this goes I want to go slow with him tho but at the same time 😩 I haven't had any dick in 8 months"
"A bitch stressing it BAD BAD"
Jas: "lol I mean a little one night stand won't hurt"
"But what if I start to like him, then he gonna think imma hoe cause I gave it up on the first night"
Jas:" bitch we're grown asf I doubt east gaf if you first night him or not, you never know maybe that's how y'all end up together forever" 
"Yea yea whatever we'll see how everything goes" *DING DING* "owe shut this him texting me now"
             *Text convo*
East 💙😩: Wassup ma you wyd?
Delivered @10:27p.m
Ari 🍑: Nothing, about to get ready just finished talking to jas.
Delivered @10:27p.m
East 💙😩: I cant wait to see you tonight send me a picture of you beautiful.
Ari 🍑: lol a old one or a one of me right now?
East 💙😩:doesn't matter I honestly just want to see you.
Ari 🍑: 🥺🥺 you are just the sweetest 💙
East 💙😩: That's right ma I peep the blue 💙 that's right ma rep ya man.
   *pause text convo*
I look up and call out for jas. Who happens to be in my damn kitchen.
Jas:" bitch I tf do you want, I'm trying to have a pre turn up"
*walks into the room with a platter full of shots atleast 8 a piece*
"Bitch who tf about to take all those shots & what are you even taking a shot of"
Jas:" well bitch since Ik your gonna be mad nervous when you see east later I thought maybe we could have a pre turn up of our own so you won't be uptight and weird when you see him" "and it's THATTT HENNY BITHHH" "AYEEEEE ONE TIME FOR THE BIRRHDAY BITCHHH"
"bitch your gonna kill me I'll take 4 but nomore"
*tskes all 4 shots 🥴🥴 whew bitch that henny some serious but seriously I called you in to take a picture of me east wants to see me"
Jas:"OWWWWEEE YESSSSS I cannot believe you actually gave someone a chance butch I'm so proud"
"Slow your roll now we're not that serious just feeling each other's vibe out right now"
Jas:" Mhm bitch whatever you say, acting like you don't know that Ik you like the back of my hand, keep that little fake pep talk for someone else cause bitch I knows you felling Mr.East more then you letting be known"
"Mhm bitch whatever just take the picture"
*Jas takes pictures*
Jas:" Oweee shit my bitch a baddie 😍😍"
"Oweee yes I love it thanks babe 💋"
Jas:" your welcome but hurry up bit h it's already 10:00 and your party starts at 11"
"Kay bitch coming"
   *returns to text*
Ari 🍑: lol your a mess but here 💛 :photo-creds to my mf besto

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