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"Well, how was everyone's day?" Woojin asked as they sat down in the outdoor mini cafeteria of the park.

"Boring." Felix whispers drinking from his cup. "Seungmin wasn't even paying attention to me! He kept eye-ing this girl -"

Seungmin slams his hand on the table, "Hey! You promised not to speak about it!"

"But you kept talking about her, why are you shutting me up?"

"Okay..okay.." Chan says, breaking the fight. "Let's stop this before it gets worse." He looks at Seungmin. "What's the name of the girl?"

Seungmin groans, "Hyung!!!!!!!!"

Jeongin then arrived together with Minho, "Hi hyungs. Have you seen my sister?"

"Nope, I haven't seen them ever since we got separated." Woojin answers.

Minho smirked as he sits down, "Hmm, maybe this is just me thinking but, do you think Changbin has a crush on her?"

"How can you say that?" Seungmin asked once he's done slapping Felix to shut up.

"It's been two weeks and ever since then, Changbin has never passed a day without teasing her."

Chan shrugs, "Maybe he just loves being a bully?"

"This is why you'll never get a girlfriend, hyung." Minho scoffs. "Or boyfriend, whatever you're into these days."

Chan started to get flustered as Woojin raised an eyebrow at him. 'He likes someone?'

"What are you talking about?" He said, a bit nervous. "I don't have time for that."

'I guess not.'

"We need to go!!!" Hyunjin suddenly arrived, out of breath. He gave a phone to Minho. "That's Changbin hyung's."

Minho furrows his eyebrows, "Why do you have Changbin's -?"

"We don't have time!!"

They saw Jisung quickly running towards them, "We seriously need to go before I die here!"

Jeongin sat up, "Noona still isn't here."

"What is going on?" Chan asks, confused.

Hyunjin looked back to where they came from before looking at the group who has huddled in front of them, "Jisung and I locked Changbin hyung and Jiyeon noona in one of the utility closets."

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

"Hey! Anyone there??" Changbin says, knocking on the door. It was a bit dark and the only light they are using is from Jiyeon's flashlight.

"You had to spill your coffee on the table, now we got locked up!" Jiyeon exclaims, clearly frustrated.

Changbin and Jiyeon decided to have some coffee but the boy accidentally pushed one of the waiter and spilled some on the customer. Since the customer was a bit furious, he was the one who offered to clean up and asked where they kept the mop and towels.

Jiyeon followed him and they ended being locked in the utility closet, probably because of the strong wind.

"What time is it?" Changbin asked, sitting beside her.

"6pm." Jiyeon answers, closing her phone. "I can't even contact Jeongin."

Changbin sighs, he lost his phone somewhere and now they can't even call or text anyone. "Maybe you can call that friend of yours, Merk? Mork?"

Jiyeon chuckles, opening his phone again, "The name's Mark, Seo Changbin. He's your classmate and you can't even pronounce his name right."

Changbin shrugs, "I don't even pay attention in class."

"Then what do you even pay attention to?" She asked before calling Mark's number and putting her phone towards her ear.

He saw how Jiyeon puts some of her hair behind her ear, revealing her cheeks. Changbin would be lying if he says he doesn't pay attention to anything especially in class, because in reality he only pays attention to -

"He's coming." The girl says, interrupting his train of thoughts.

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