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Both of them were quiet as they walk around the amusement park. Whenever Changbin asks to go on a ride, Jiyeon would be quick to turn him down.

"Look, Jiyeon," Changbin says, standing in front of her, blocking her path. "Are you forgetting about the bet?"

Jiyeon twitched her mouth before sighing, "Fine." She showed him a smile, "Where do you wanna go Changbin?"

"Don't ever smile like that again."


Changbin avoided her gaze, "No reason. Look, how about we go on Gyro Drop over there?"

The girl gulped, looking at the ride in front of her. It was going up, then down as quickly as it could, she faced Changbin who was a bit eager to ride it, "Alright, fine."

They walked towards it and settled in. Changbin noticed Jiyeon was closing her eyes, "We haven't even started yet."

"Oh," She opened her eyes again, heart beating fast. "I thought we did."

"Are you scared?"

Jiyeon scoffed, "Of course not! Stop imagining things!"

The ride started to go up, making Jiyeon close her eyes and hold the hand of the person next to her - which happens to be Changbin.

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"You have to try the ice cream over there!" Minho exclaims as they meet up with Hyunjin and Jeongin.

"Thanks, hyung, but we already had waffles earlier," Jeongin anwers, throwing the wrapper in the trashbin.

"It's really delicious," Jisung says, eating a scoop of his chocolate ice cream. "Let's switch partners!"

"Why?" Hyunjin asked.

"Well, isn't this day about getting to know Jeongin? So you had your fun with him, now let him have fun with Minho hyung."

Minho sent him a glare, "You're just tired because you've been the one paying for our food the whole day."

"That and," Jisung started to point out. "We're both scared to go on rides. It'll get pretty boring soon."

Jeongin chuckles, "You're scared of coasters, hyung?"

Minho waved a hand at him, "Nonsense. Now come on, let's leave these two."

As soon as Minho and Jeongin were out of their sight, Hyunjin started to stretch his body, "So, where do you wanna go?"

Jisung threw his cup to the trash bin, "Let's go have our fortunes check!"

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