Imma Loser Baby

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Why We Left On An Amtrak Train I Will never Know. I Assume It has something TO Do With My Grandmother's need TO Feel big And Important. Regardless It Was nice , Much better than An Amtrak Train , That's For sure. 

The Whole Trip Took 10 Day's. We Went All The Way Down The West Coast With Stop's all Along The way . One Stop happened In Pheonix , Arizona It Was Actually a Train Switch So we had To Stay Overnight. So We got This real nice Fancy hotel Room .. it had An Outdoor Pool A balcony And It Was just Amazing .. Still To This day probably The nicest hotel room I have ever stayed In. Grandmother Brought Activity Book's she Was Real Big on brains not brawns. That Is also Due To her not Liking television ( I Kid You not She Literally Still Watches Little Annie Movies ). 

She Also Watched A old Movie About A Tarantula Attacking A town Some Old 60s maybe Horror Flick ... 

The Rest Of The Trip Was A blur Again the brains Safety Switch Mixed With Old Age LOl. I Did Learn A Really Cool Fact About - Why Not Minot - The Magical City. guess You Will have To Learn That one yourself. 

May 21st . The Sun Is Shining , Absolute Perfect Spring As We pull into The Amtrak station In Lafayette Indiana. We Pull up Early In The Morning I believe It Was Like 5 am Maybe 530 Am. One Look Out the Window Waking up And You Can believe That I Was Surprised. Mr City boy Smooth Landed In A Corn Field Of nothingness. WTH . This Is A god Forsaken Town , The Desert Town's I Had Lived in Were Bigger Than This. Or So I Thought !. WE Called Grandma And Grandpa Sanders immediately Upon Arrival. They Were Of Course Still Asleep. My grandfather Was A Crippled Man From Strokes , heart Attacks And A Car Crash. ( very bad Off Actually ). So It took Them Awhile To Get everything Together And get To us. Of Course Grandma bean just Praying The Entire Time. they Picked Us Up In A white Car I Don't Remember The make just Know That It Was white Or at Least I Think It Was Lol. 

Just Know From the Second The Door shut And My Grandmother's Small White Terrier Something Or Other jumped on My lap starting To Lick Me , that i Felt better , I Kind Of Felt Like Maybe The World I Had Arrived In Might be safe.. ( not To Mention The Penny did not Like Grandma bean Which Is a positive In My Mind ). 5 Years Since The Last Time I Had Lived with Them And no Aunt debbie This Time. Maybe This Is Astart To Some good change In My Life. 

And Let The Dj Needle Drop SCCCRRRAAACCCTTTTTCCHHCHCHCHCHCHC All over A Loud Echoing Chant 

" Imma Loser baby , So Why dont You Kill Me "  

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