Chapter Thirty-nine

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Kita and the Angels walked from the Transformer elevator to the lab on level six of the Majestic 12 bunker. Apocalypse phone dinged. She pulled it from her pocket.

"More trouble?" said Kita. A hardline conservative radio host had picked up the idea only humans should hold the throne and Apocalypse should be removed.

"No, not that idiot. It's another offer from a Hollywood group to throw us an engagement party."

"Oh," said Sapper. "That sounds so cool."

"You don't even know any of the Hollywood stars," teased Kita.

"They're all the same. They threw awesome parties in my universe. They have to do the same here."

Kita chuckled. Sapper loved following Hollywood gossip when they were in high school and the army.

"It could be fun," said Kita. It sounds better than what the White House committee is planning.

"I'll have Jerome look into it. It could be good PR."

"Angels love to party."

"Except for Kita," said Aspen. "She sits in a corner and sulks."

"You better not," said Apocalypse.

"Parties are a reward for the loyal. I'm thinking beyond it."

"Or getting blackout drunk and sleeping with your ex and partner," said Aspen with a teasing giggle.

"This is a Kita story I haven't heard," said Apocalypse.

"There are lots of them you haven't heard," grumbled Kita.

"Don't get grouchy." Apocalypse hugged Kita. "I'm teasing you. I'm surprised you were on such good terms with your ex."

Kita shrugged. "I loved her, but we were bad for each other."

The Angels reached the giant set of double doors. They entered the lab and glided across the room to where Ryan and Ratchet were working at Ratchet's workbench. Bumblebee stood next to Arcee positioned at the end of the workbench.

Bumblebee taped Ratchet. "Hey, big dude, check it out. Humans with feathers."

Ratchet and Ryan turned around as the Angels landed.

"They may explain Arcee's new appendages," grumbled Ratchet.

"Hey, Bumblebee," said Kita.

"Dudette! Is that you peek-a-booing under there?"

Kita swept off her hood. "It is."

"Woah! You got—like—so tall." Bumblebee put a hand on Kita's head. "And wide." He opened his hands shoulder-width apart.

Kita raised an eyebrow and spread her wings the full twenty feet.

"Why are you sporting black when your girls are like, colorful? You should be a rainbow."

Kita chuckled.

"Black is a warning to leave the fallen alone," said Aspen.

"Gnarly. Who's got the sweet and silky voice, and how did it get in my noggin?" said Bumblebee.

"That's Leaf," said Kita. "She's a friend of mine. You know Nicole and Kimmy. This is Lizzy."

"Righteous. Friends of dudette's are a friend of mine."

Ratchet stepped up to Kita. "Ryan tells me you are responsible for our miraculous repair?"

Kita crossed her arms. "I am. I told you I was useful."

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