Chapter 100: Rise of a Rebel

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As the elevator door opened, a spacious space with tall, creamy white walls revealed itself to Luke and Evelyn. The relatively small foyer was sparsely decorated, with only two small stools and two pots of withering roses to compliment the soothingly elegant stretch of room.

The pots of roses were placed upon the stools, and the stools were placed on either side of a two simple let glossy black planks of material, placed beside one another; a double door.

“Harry’s apartment,” Luke announced. With his back against Evelyn, and the blunt point of the lethal black gun pressed against his back, Luke stretched out his arms, as if he was introducing Evelyn to some majestic scene. “My fair fυcking princess, now that you have your stupid wish granted, I think it’s about time you release your fairy godmother. He may have another fυcking wish to grant today. Or lower your gun. Either would do.”

Evelyn ignored his sarcastic comments and his demand. “Open the door.”

“Why should I?” Luke half hissed back, he was getting more and more agitated by the moment.

For good reason, Evelyn was holding him at gunpoint: literally.

She would be lying if she said the feel of the gun and seeing somebody obliging to her commands did not exhilarate her senses.

It was a thrill to say the least.

It was a change from her usual role as a victim amongst the superior beings who gave very little consideration on her wellbeing and desires.

It was an unexpected thrill; never in Evelyn's life did she imagine she would, ever, wheel a loaded gun and actually threaten somebody’s life with it. It had surprised Evelyn herself as much as it had surprised Luke. 

She never knew she had it in her.

Evelyn's arm was beginning to ache from holding the heavy gun against his back.

She resisted the urge to relax and lower the gun for a moment, or two, to relieve her aching muscles. Instead, she held it higher and courageously pushed Luke with its tip.

“You are playing a dangerous move,” Luke warned her. “Just because you had that tyrant between your legs a few times, that doesn’t make you anything more than a pathetic little human girl. In this game of chess, you are just a pawn… No. You are not even a pawn. You are a speck of dust with no power or influence. You are just something Zayn keeps around for entertainment purposes.”

“What in the world are you talking about?” Evelyn asked, confused. What game of chess? What is he talking about?

“See, you don’t know anything. Shows how much Zayn trusts you.” Luke let out a belly laugh. “To think Kainsius actually thought you were something special and you were something more than a useless human.” He laughed again. “Kainsius thought you had the same powers as Zayn! He thought you were powerful enough to rival Zayn, and that’s why he kept you around! How wrong Kainsius was!”

“Who is Kainsius?” Evelyn asked desperately, she was getting more and more lost by the moment. “Just shut up and open the fυcking door!”

“Clueless. Utterly clue—” Luke’s dialogue was cut off when he felt a small yet firm hand took hold of his shoulder, turned him around, and then a fist collided with his face.

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