I was still staring at them, trying to comprehend the meaning of Asher's words. My first game of the year. My first soccer game in general. And I didn't even fully know the rules yet!

There was no way I wasn't going on the field tomorrow and not make a complete fool out of myself. I was going to trip over my own shoelace, or Sam was going to foul me again, and everyone would be looking at me as the failure I was.

Why did I sign up for this shit show again?

I realized I was still just standing there, and quickly hurried back inside to get rid of my tray. I still had time to leave town, I just needed to grab some stuff back at Michael's house first. And then I was going to kick Ruby's ass for even thinking about getting rid of the chair. Our chair. My chair. God, I loved that chair.

"You aren't going to freak out, are you?"

I flinched at Asher's sudden appearance and shot him a dark look.

"No, I'm going to dance out of joy for the game tomorrow," I replied dryly. "Of course I'm going to freak out. I can't play soccer, in case you haven't noticed yet."

"You'll be fine," he shrugged and left the cafeteria with me. "Just keep your eyes on the ball and try not to touch it with your hands. It's not rocket science."

I rolled my eyes, and my hand found my ear to fidget with my earring.

"What if we win? Do we get a prize or something?" I asked to change the topic. I didn't need to be motivated by Asher.

"A small cup. And we'll be invited to the next game," he explained. "If we lose, the season's over for us."

I frowned, realizing that the game was pretty important. "Are we any good?"

Another shrug from Asher. "We never really got past the second or third game."

"So we suck," I sighed. "Well, at least that means I'm not getting too many chances to embarrass myself."

Asher glanced at me from the side. "You can always practice more, you know."

"Yeah, sure," I snorted. "Why don't dig my own grave when I'm already out and about anyway?

"Why did you join the team if you dislike soccer that much?" Asher asked with a frown. I hesitated, not really knowing what to reply.

Because my competitive side jumped out and wanted to show him that I was just as capable as everyone else on the team? Yeah, no way I was going to tell him that.

"Life's short and I like chasing balls," I said therefor, not willing to admit the truth.

Another glance from Asher that I didn't give much thought since I was already back to being angry about Ruby. I wondered if he had texted me back and wanted to pull my phone out of my pocket when I realized it wasn't there.

"Shit," I said, stopping in my tracks. Asher stopped as well, looking at me with a mix of curiosity and irritation. "I left my phone."

"I'm not going back with you. See you in class," he said, already turning away and continuing his way down the hallway. I rolled my eyes since he was such a sweetheart before making my way back outside to where the lunch tables were.

Thankfully, Gill, Sam and Tyler were still sitting there, all engaged in a heated discussion when I arrived at the table. My phone was there as well, and I quickly grabbed and shoved it back into my pocket.

"Oh, yeah," Gill said as she noticed me. "You forgot your phone."

"Really helpful at this point, thanks for informing me," I replied and rolled my eyes.

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