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Recap:- Ragini is forgotten by her mom. Vihaan gets a call from the Institute. Bharti wonders who is the new girl?

Before writing this chapter, I have done a research on Azhielmer's disease. So we will be proceeding like wise.

Next day,
Morning 4:00 a.m.

Comes the sound of opening two doors. From one side Vihaan comes out in his sports outfit and here Ragini comes out in her sports attire. She had done a pony tail, wore her fit track pants and sports bra. Seeing her Vihaan says :-
"Where are you going?"


"Like this?"

"Should I wear lehenga choli then?"
She says rolling her eyes.

"Go and wear a t-shirt on this..You arent going like this!"


"Gooooo! I said!"
He glares her.

"Tch....Typical Indian brother.!"

"You are going or not?"

"Going..see I am going..!!"
And she goes in annoyed and wears a tank top on it...

"Ab bhi toh insaan lag rhi hai...Chal."
(Now you are looking like a human. Come. Lets go...!)

/P s:- Elder brothers are always like this. He isn't being Orthodox but a lil protective about her. #Personal Experience.😂😂/

Ragini rolls her eyes and goes with him. They both were jogging in the streets near their house and each of their step was matching.

"I got a call from your academy last night..."

"Well that was expected."

"They are thinking that you have got lost and are planning to go the police for the same!"

"Haaa! At least they have this amount of love for me!"

"What you did there? He was talking bout some issues and am 110% sure that you are behind it. Escaping from there isn't easy!"

"Leaked the scholarship entrance exam on their website for the new session!"

"Wh-aa-t? How?"

"I broke the fire alarm of tenth floor at 2 in night. The principal was called. When the guards and teachers and some of the students were in lift, I turned off the power supply and sneaked into principal's room. He has a special inverter in his cabin. Used it, cracked the computer's pass code and leaked the papers. Then turned on the power supply. Then deleted the recording of camera. After that, went to the crowd and mingled with them and made sure that my friends witness my face. And all I did this by covering myself  from tip to toe. As soon as the lights went off cameras turned off....
Next day, there was the strike of parents. A huge crowd gathered out and I managed to flee from there."

" I never knew you were this smart!
Bravoo!!! And how you got the air tickets? You had no money!"

"You must have forgot but you gave me sum of rs 10,000  5 years ago ...And I ended up using 4000 out of them in these 5 years.... so, managed to come here!"

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