Will you boys get up now ? She asked in a terrible monster voice.

Yessss !!! The both screamed, then she stopped laughing at the sweet giggles of her redheads of nephews.

Okey but first we want a morning kiss, Ethan said seating up.

she kissed the both of them at the same time, if not they'll be jealous. Now to the bathroom !
The hopped from the bed, running to their bathroom.

Mirabel sigh, she walked to the kitchen grabbing the flour, in not less than five minutes the cookies were in the Furnace. She smiled at that while humming a song to herself. She was moving her waist at the rhythm. Her brown hair flipping left and right, her hazel eyes moving left and right.

Wow aunt Mimi you can win a dancing contest, Ethan said lending on the kitchen door,

You hum like a chef, am sure the cookies are excellent. Nathan popped from behind Ethan.

Aww thanks, what if we eat the delicious cookies, they are calling us, she said jokingly. Nathan tried running to his seat while Ethan hop on his back.

Et let go ! Nathan whine

No Nat I won't except you allow me to seat close to aunt. Ethan said.

Ouch ! , the both screamed as their bodies hit the kitchen floor.

Boys, boys ! I will seat in between you guys okey ? She smiled

No ! The both screamed getting up.

Why ? She furrowed her eye brow in confusion.

We wanna seat close to each other, the both said hugging themselves.

Ah ! Too bad babies, am seating with no one ! She said reaching for the plates and setting them on the table. Now come seat,

Okey... The said in a dull tone, before seating.

Here ! She poured the milk in two glass cups, placing in front of them at the same time, she pull the cookies from the furnace, placing it on the table then in the plates at the same time.

Happy ? She asked after serving herself and seating. They both nodded.

Em...uh. don't forget to pack, she said sadly.

And they sigh, but first we'll say goodbye to our friends, Nathan said while standing up.

And yeah the farmer, the bread Baker, and.... Ethan start

The pet store holder ! Nathan ended. The both ran out before their aunt could say something.

Mirabel cleared the table, and did the dishes before walking to her redheads nephews' room.
She shook her head and smiled at the mess. The boys will never arranged their room, she grab a suit case, later picking their shirts and boxers, they had same things. She finished Nathan's then started Ethan's, after packing their stuffs the room was neat again. She grabbed the family album.

There was a picture with her dead sister Anabel and the twin redheads.


"Mira come on bring the boys". Anabel screamed as she ran to the water, her beautiful feet landed on the wet sand of the beach. Her long ginger hair bouncing, as she ran, her brown eyes sparkling with joy as she laughed. Her blue bikini and a blue linen tired around her waist, half opened on her left side was the perfect match for her white skin.

Mummy ! The 6 years old twins ran to their mum while Mirabel took the pictures.

"You are a pell in the sea, just perfect" Mirabel screamed joyfully with her thumbs up.

End of flashback

She had a tear running down her cheek, she quickly wipe it, she flip the page and something caught her attention, a picture of she and her sister seating on a tree, then anabel just graduated from university, then behind them, it was a bit blur, but it looks like a black wolf, very tiny, curse it was far.

Miss Mirabel ?

She gasped quickly closing the album, noticing a man standing in the door way.

Who are you ? She asked backing off.

No don't be scared am Matins Williams the brother of Richard am here for his kids. The man was a handsome young man, his grey eyes were the perfect match for his grey hair.

Uh..em... They'll be back soon, she was looking at everything except the handsome matins standing in front of her.

Can I seat ? His soft voice rang in her ears, sending shivers to her body.

Yeah of curse, do you want a cup of tea ? She asked still not looking at him.

It will be great, he said smiling, his white teeth glittering. She returned the smile before heading to the kitchen.

The door swung open as the two redheads walk in laughing, then the spotted the handsome young man seating on the couch.

Hey Et do you think is aunt fiancé ? Nathan mentally spoke to Ethan.

Maybe but his handsome, Ethan spoke back mentally. They don't know how but the speak mentally to each other. Then the man stood staring at them. Just then Mirabel walked in with the cup of tea and a silver spoon.

I think am alright no time for tea, he said as soon as he noticed the silver spoon.

Oh okey, Mirabel said confusedly.
Boys go get your stuffs, you have to leave, this is your u-uncle. She stuttered the last part.

This ? Ethan asked pointing at him with his right eyebrow raised.

Our uncle ? Nathan ended with the same expression.

Yeah, Mirabel said matching to them dragging the two teens upstairs, while Matins looked around the room.

Boys ! Be kind with him, Mirabel said putting her hands on her hip, once the were in their room.

That ? Nathan start

Never ! Ethan completed falling on their bed.

( I forgot to add the redheads are very rude and arrogant )

Come on boys ! Just do it for me, Mirabel sigh

Okey Nathan said

Just for you Ethan completed

Thanks, she pulled them in a hug, and the hug back.

First ! , the broke the hug, grabbing their guitars.


And the started singing and playing while their aunt smiled and dance.

Hey ! We left him down alone ! After 10 minutes of dancing Mirabel screamed with her eyes wide.

Ughhh ! The groan out loud before grabbing their suit cases and guitar, and heading downstairs with their aunt.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, she said looking at Matins.

He just smiled and nodded. Standing up.

Bye redheads you boys will miss me so much ! She said kissing and hugging them.

You too aunt Mimi ! The both wave goodbye before heading to the black jeep, with their so call uncle. Then the drove off.

Hey is me again Luna, This is the first chapter of my new book, I'll need lots of vote and comment. Bye !

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