Chapter 1

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My name is Nathan, my twin brother's name is Ethan, we live with our mother, till the day she was murdered in her room when we were 8 years. We're best described as troublesome redheads. Our hairs are Ginger and we have amber eyes. We look like our mum.

We started living with aunt Mirabel, mum's younger sister till this horrible day

Boys ! The dinner is ready ! Aunt Mirabel screamed from the kitchen

We're coming ! We both screamed back, running the stairs, when we were down the stairs, I jumped on Ethan's back and we were rolling on the floor laughing, it was so great, we do this everyday.

Boys ? Aunt Mirabel stood by the kitchen door with hers hands on her hip, smiling while shaking her head.

Hey ! Am hungry ! Ethan smiled getting on his feet. We ran to the kitchen grabbing our bowl full of milk.

After school tomorrow will go to the pack, and the pool, Ethan said with his mouth full

Yeah, and we'll explore the forest nearby too. I reply my mouth full too.

Boys I need to tell you something, she sat facing us, she took a long breath, and sigh.
You know before a child is born, their are two adults right !

Yeah but why telling us ? Ethan asked and I nodded along.

Your father, she closed her eyes and paused.

We never knew our father, I said and Ethan nodded along.

No, isss. She sigh getting up.
Both of you are going to live with him. You guys are leaving tomorrow morning. She finally spoke.

No aunt please ! Ethan said

We wanna stay with you ! I completed, she remained silent and we start crying softly.

Oh boys, she finally turned hugging us, she rob smooth circles on our backs.
You have lived with me since your mum died. You boys were just kids, but now you are both 14 years ! Teenagers !
Your father called few years ago, and i said no, but is time you live with him ! She ended breaking the hug, looking us eyes to eyes, her hazel eyes locking our amber ones. She had tears in her eyes.

We love you aunt Mimi, we but said hugging her once again.

She stared sobbing holding us close to her chest, I too, I love the both of you.

We finally pull apart, okey bed time ! She said wiping her eyes, we both nodded. Walking slowly to our room, we got dressed in our pyjamas, we decided to sleep with her for the last time.

Aunt ? I called

Hmm ?

Can we sleep with you for the last time ? Ethan completed

Of curse ! She smiled, as she stuck us in her bed, she slept in between us. Goodnight loves !

Goodnight aunt Mimi, we both said with a smile.

Next day

Hey redheads get up, The redheads boys were softly shaken awake but their beloved aunt Mirabel.

Ughhh, let us... Nathan started

Sleep ! , and Ethan ended. They both turn their backs covering their heads with their pillows.

Mirabel sigh, okey... Tickling monsters ! She sang, before tickling the boys.

No !! Not the Tickling monsters ! The both screamed dramatically. Before giggling non stop, as their aunt tickled them.

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