Chapter 3: Invitation

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Steve Rogers, the first superhero, was sitting in the jet. Yesterday he met Nick Fury again, the man who was the director of the agency S.H.I.E.L.D, and told him that he was needed to safe the world again. Captain America was looking at a video of the incredible green monster, Hulk, destroying an RV.

"So, this Doctor Banner was trying to replicate the serum that they used on me." the Captain said, remembering what the profile said about him.
"A lot of people were. You were the world's first superhero. Banner thought gamma radiation might hold the key to unlocking Erskine's original formula." Coulson said as he was wat the Captain.
The sound of the roar of Hulk fill the inside of the jet.
"Didn't really go his way, did it."
"Not so much. When he's not that thing, he's like Stephen Hawking."

Steve just stared at Coulson......
"He's like a smart person." Coulson said, understanding that he didn't know who he was talking about.
"Are we going to base now?" Steve asked, wanting to get as much information as he could.
"Not yet, we still need to get two more recruits."
"I thought they were all there already. I've seen all their files."
"Not these two, they are still new and said they would prefer to have their statuses low." Coulson said.

The quinjet landed in the middle of the street at night, so no one would notice them.
"Ah, we're here. You can come and meet your new team members."
Coulson and the Captain walked out of the jet and walked to a café. Even though the sign said 'Closed' it didn't stop the agent knock on the door.

Steve saw a man, about 22 walk to the door and open it. What was strange about this man was that he had the hair of a old man, pure white.
"Sorry, but as you can see the sign says 'Closed' so come back...." the stranger said before he was interrupted by Coulson.
"Kaneki, Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. We need you and Touka to come with us."

Kaneki's face got serious and he looked around the street. He said to them in a hushed voice.
"Come in."
As the two men walked in the room.
"Touka, we're going to need four cups of coffee, two with milk and the other two the usual. We have guests."
As the three men sat down to wait for the drinks. It was the Captain that broke the silence.
"Steve Rogers, I'm one of your team members."
Kaneki looked at the solider for a moment to understand the information that was just given to him.

"Oh my God. You're the Steve Rogers, as in Captain America. It's a honor to meet you, I thought you were dead since you were alive during WW2. I mean I saw you in the profile but I just thought..." Kaneki was talking non-stop, he was one of the first person to read about when he landed in this world.
"Kaneki shut up. You're making the man nervous." Touka snapped at her boyfriend, setting down a tray with cups of coffee. "So Agent Coulson what is it that Nick Fury needs from us."

Coulson pulled out a tablet and pushed it to the couple, who in turn it on. "It's called the Tessarat, a powerful source of energy that we have been trying to harness."
"Wait." Kaneki said, stopping the agent,"Isn't the Tessarat that object that you stopped Hydra from using it on the United States."as he pointed to Steve.
"How do you know that? That was a top secret operation." Steve asked as memories of his last mission sped through his mind.
"It was but since your biography was written, all your missions were revealed." Steve was confused to say the least. "Wait, I have a biography."
"Wait here, I'll get it for you." Kaneki jumped out of the chair and ran up the stairs.

"Sorry about him Captain, you are an interesting topic for him. He loves how you were a scrawny kid who wanted to protect his country." Touka explained, smiling at the childish boyfriend she loves. It didn't take long for Kaneki to rush back into the room with a thick book in his hands.
"Here you go and would you mind... signing it?" Kaneki asked, thinking he sounded a bit childish.

"Maybe another time Kaneki. Right now we need to leave for base." Coulson stated, ending the conversation with the two men. Rogers was still looking at the book in his hands, which read.


Steve was shocked that so much time had passed that people had written a book about him. The idea of being frozen for so long still bothered him. His thoughts were interrupted by hand pressed on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Kaneki looking down at him with a small smile.

"If you want, I could lend you the book to read?" Kaneki said in a quiet voice. He couldn't comprehend what the Captain must of felt when he woke up in a 70 long year sleep.
"Thank you, son." Steve said, with a smile smile on his face too.

The four figures walked out of the coffee shop and into the quinjet.

Helicarrier: Next day.

As the jet was landing, a woman with noticeable red hair walked towards it. As the Captain, agent and two ghouls walked out of the aircraft, Agent Coulson introduced her.

"Agent Romanoff. Captain Rogers, Ken Kaneki and Touka." As everyone greets each other, Natasha tells Coulson that Fury wanted him on the bridge and that was his signal to leave.

"Did he ask you to sign his Captain America trading cards yet?"

"Trading cards?" the Captain said, not knowing what this woman was talking about.

"There vintage, he's very proud."As the soldier and spy were finishing their conversation, the ghoul couple walked away to find a man they remember from one of the files.

"Dr. Banner." Touka walked up to man and shook his hand.

"Yeah. Hi, they told me that they were bringing some people in." Bruce said, not really sure what to say next. It was at this time that Steve walked to join the group again.

"Doctor, word is you can find the cube." He said.

"Is that the only word on me?"

"Only word I care about."

"Must be strange for you, all this." Bruce nodded his head towards the rest of the ship.

"Well, this is kind of familiar to me." Steve said, seeing a troop of soldiers jogging past him.

Natasha broke the conversation up.
"Gentlemen, ma'am. You might want to step inside for a minute, it's about to get a little hard to breathe." As so as she said that the ship started to shake.

"Is this a submarine?" Steve asked, not knowing what was about to happen.

"Really? They want me in a submerged pressurized metal container." Bruce stated, thinking if they did that, they must have been crazy. Looking down into the sea, the group soon realized that giant fans were moving fast enough to lift this ship... no this Helicarrier off the ocean surface.

"Oh, no. This is much worse."
Convermation that this organization was, indeed, crazy. Bruce than looked at Kaneki, more specifically, his hair.
"So, what can you two do?"

"His got immense strength and I got speed." Touka said, giving the bare minimum amount of information needed.

"Anything else?"

"That's all you want to know, trust me." Kaneki stated abruptly, taking Touka's hand and walking towards a door inside the ship/plane. The rest of the group looked towards each other and then followed them, ready for their mission report.
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