Thirty - Three

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

We ended up somewhere that looked like a town. I wouldn't say it was our town. Because it looked deserted for some reason. But we saw a store nearby and I had to practically beg Caden to stop there.

My feet were killing me at this point.

The shopkeeper was kind enough to lend his phone charger for Caden's phone. And I was more than thankful to find a chair to sit down on.

"Thank you for letting us stay." I said with a small smile as I saw Caden walk inside the shop.

The shopkeeper guy, who looked almost my age, raised his left eyebrow.

"You just said that for the third time."

Well, I couldn't have told him how awkward it felt to get lost and crash at a shop which looked like one between a bar and a pharmacy.

"You guys don't live in this town, do you?" He glanced at me before opening something that looked like an icebox.

"Um, no." I nodded.

He nodded back as if he knew. "How did you end up here?"

I leaned back on the chair, eyeing him. "We had to runaway due to some...sinister reasons." I said.

He narrowed his eyes at me. As if that explanation wasn't enough.

I saw Caden talking on his phone, from the corner of my eye.

"What kind of sinister reasons?" The guy asked.

He looked like one of those surf dudes with perfect tan and blonde mess of a hair. I've always wanted to see one. Apart from the movies.

"Reasons that I don't know myself." I shrugged. "Hey, can I get some water?" He shrugged and threw me a water bottle. Thankfully, I caught it. Some benefits of having an athletic best friend.

Talking about best friend.

"Do you happen to have...a spare phone or something?" I asked in the politest way I could.

He stared at me for a while.

"Why don't you help yourself with everything?" He asked with a sarcastic smile.

I smiled back.

A nice guy with a nice attitude. Perfect.

But he did nudge his head towards a rusty telephone before walking inside the shop.

Not so bad, then.

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