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Me and my new Partner Pokemon, Yuka went out to Lapras Beach. As soon as we arrived there, a little blue haired girl was asking a girl in a bathing suit to help her.

"C'mon! Just help me bring it back to my house!" The little girl pleaded.

"Sorry, Nema, but what if those UFOs come back and take my Lapras?" The pink bikini girl said.

The little bluenette stomped her foot. "B-But- That's not fair!" She screamed.

Being a Ranger, I ran over to investigate the situation. "What's going on?"

When the little girl in the lab coat saw me, her eyes lit up. "You- you're a Pokemon Ranger! This is the first time I've met a Ranger besides Daddy in the Oblivia Region!"

H-her dad is the only other Ranger in Oblivia that I've been hearing about?

"Hey, I have a request! Will you help me move this UFO to my house?" She asked, pointing to one of those Z.Z. Flyer things that the Pokemon Pinchers rode on.

"You have to because there's a rule on this island that you have to grant up to three wishes of any girl that is younger than you!" The girl threw in. "This is the first request."

"So I don't have any other options, basically?" I asked.

The girl winked. "Now you're getting the big picture!"

I smiled. "Fine."

She did a little happy dance that made me laugh. "Yes!" Then something occured to her. "Oh! I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? My name's Nema! What's yours?"

"Summer Hitomi." I replied.

Nema's glasses nearly fell off of her face. "The person who saved Almia?! What brings you to Oblivia?!" She asked.

"Oh, um, no. My sister, Kate Hitomi, saved Almia." I hurriedly corrected, though Nema still look at me with wonder. "And I'm here to stop an outfit of criminals called Pokemon Pincher that are stationed in Oblivia."

Nema squealed. "That's so cool! It's almost as if heroism runs in the family!"

I thought back to what Ben said about fourteen hours ago, how it ran in the family and felt a pang of sadness. Then I cheered up for Nema's sake. I cleared my throat. "I would like to talk to your father about this matter."

"Oh! You want to see Papa? Why didn't you just say so?!" Nema asked. "Just help me pick up this-" She examined the side of the 'UFO', where Z.Z. Flyer was engraved into the side. "-Z.Z. Flyer and we'll be on our way!"

Nema took the handles of the machine and raised it above her head, offering a little support. I took the base, so I was basically carrying all of the weight of this damn thing. It was funny how we had to walk up a bunch of hills to get there, too. Thanks, Arceus, it's nice to know that you're on my side.

When we got to her house, she dropped the handles in terror and screamed. Since she suddenly just screamed, I lost my grip on the Z.Z. Flyer and its metal base dropped on my head.

I fell down, my head narrowly missed being squashed by the metal. I saw stars from the blow to my head.

"My house is on fire!" She turned to me. "Summer! You gotta put out the fire! This is my last request!" She panicked.

Thanks for your concern, Nema, I bitterly thought. No, I'm fine, really. I rubbed my head and slowly got to my feet, even though I was extremely dizzy. "I'm on it."

Yuka looked worried. "Pi pichu?"

I gave her a forced smile. "I'm okay." I lied.

Even though my vision was a little shifty, I ran back from where I came. I saw a Buizel back there. And, oh, the irony! Remember how I said it was extremely hilly? I fell down two of those futhermuckers, and then I had to chase down a Buizel. "Wait!" I called after the scared Pokemon. "I need your help! There's a f-fire and-" I held my pounding head.

The Buizel stopped running and gave me a confused look. "Zel?" It asked in a concerned tone. It's nice to know that at least the Pokemon care what happens to me! Well, and Ben, but he's not here. He'd make a big fuss over me because of all of these cuts and burns, clucking like a mother Torchic. That thought was enough to make me smile and carry on.

Even though it would be easier to give up, I couldn't stop until I found Ben. Oh, and stop the Pokemon Pinchers. Ben is my number one priority, though. I can smash faces on my journey to pick up my friend. "I'm fine, I'm fine." I told Buizel. "But can you help me?" I asked.

Buizel nodded and followed my lead back up the hills. Buizel was suprisingly helpful. When I had to go back up the hill and I would trip, Buizel would nudge me back onto my feet and we would continue our journey to Nema's house.

Ugh. Rule or no rule, the next time some little girl tries to force that on me, I'd be looked down upon than go through this whole cursed process again. But I'm a Ranger, it's my job to help those in need... Arceusdammit.

As soon as we got there, Buizel put out the fire. I smiled at him. "That was so nice of you. Thank you." My head pulsed again, and this time, Nema noticed. Even though I released Buizel, he stayed because he was concerned. What a sweetheart!

"Thank you for putting out the fire, Ran-hey, are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, a thirty pound machine just bashed my head in. I'm sure I'll live." I mumbled. Ben was right, even though it was just thirty pounds, I couldn't lift it that well because I have noodle arms.

"My second request is for you to help me lug this into my house." Nema carried on. Instead of lifting it again, I just decided to drag the oil-covered machine across the floors of the nicely furnished house.

Sure, that's a little rude for me to do... But I'm injured! When I drop the Z.Z. Flyer in her living room, she rocks back and forth on her heels. "Um... Would it be okay if I used my third request to get three more requests?" She asked sheepishly. Then she gave me Eevee-eyes. Eevee-eyes don't work on me unless it's coming from the Pokemon, but I'll let her have this one thing.


She grinned. "Yay! And thanks for being there. I wouldn't have been able to put out that fire if it wasn't for you. You see, I like to invent things, and I use that room to create stuff. I wanted to study this Z.Z. Flyer because it was a very cool invention."

Navi decided to notificate me of something. "Bisi...... Bzzz zzzz...."

Nema gave my Styler a meaningful look. "I could fix that for you." She offered. I gave her a worried look, so she huffed. "Do you want your Styler fixed or not?!"

I reluctantly handed her my Styler and she used a screwdriver to take the top off of my Styler like an expert. She grinned. "I see the problem!" She turned the Styler upside down and water came out of it. "There was sea water in it! Now all I have to do is re- wire this to this... Aaaand DONE!"

She handed it back to me. Navi responded immediately. "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Confirmed rebooting of the Styler Communication Mode!"

My eyes widened. I could communicate with Ben! Yes! I'm so worried, but he's probably fine... If I got to talk to him and find out where he was... I typed in Ben's number into the communication feature.

"Error! Error!" Navi's words were like knives, stabbing my positivity. "Unable to send message to Ben because there was no connection."

I felt my heart practically break. So close! I was this close to talking to Ben again, and it wasn't working!

Nema pulled me by the hand, not noticing my crestfallen face. "C'mon. Daddy should be at the Wireless Tower."

I perked up at that last part. Wireless Tower? Maybe I could find out why my Styler didn't have a signal so that I could call Ben! I can't stand to have no one by my side- no, I have Yuka now, so that's not the problem... I just want Ben with me. It's just not the same.

Nema pulled me outside and finally noticed my saddened face looking dejectedly at my Styler. "What's wrong? Did your boyfriend break up with you or something?"

"'WHAT?!" I screamed. My face felt hot. "No! I just couldn't... N-nevermind."

Nema raised her eyebrows and just silently walked me towards the tower.

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