Are We Really Ready?

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Atharva's pov

What just happened?
Am I dreaming, is she under some pressure? What should I take this "yes" as? Is she really ready to start her life with me? Or, am I?

Atharva was constantly thinking over the recent developments. It was a YES from Namrata. He was driving his Black Mercedes, aimlessly. He barely prevented two accidents within this short drive, which brought him back in senses. He decided to talk to Namrata and ask for clarity.
Then he realised, he did not have her number! Shit!

What do I do now? Bloody Hell!
Wait, I have Sumer's number.
Yeah! I will ask him.

He dialled his number and Sumer answered within few calls.

Sumer - What's up Bro!

Didn't he know!

Atharva - Hey! Umm...I need a favour!

Sumer - What is it, Atharva? You seem stressed.

Atharva - Ah! Nothing like that! I just wanted Namrata's number.

Sumer - Sure! By the way don't mind, is there something important you wanted to talk?

Atharva - I thought you already knew! Well I guess not!
Actually Namratasaidyes!!!!

Sumer - What!?! Wait!!!! You mean!
No way! She said YES!!! Like really YES!!!!

Atharva - Hmmm

Sumer - I have sent you her contact. Call her! NOW!!!

Atharva - Sure! Thanks man!

They hung up!

Atharva called Namrata and asked her to meet him at Tony's Cafe in next thirty minutes.
She said yes!

I think she was prepared for this!

At the Tony's Cafe

I was waiting for her in a side table at the back because i wanted a peaceful place to have a chat with her.

After exactly thirty minutes like I had asked, she is here!

She looked like a confident businesswoman in her formal suit. Her hair made up in a side bun and ears studded with emerald studs. She did not wore a lot of make up, unlike the girls that have come across me. Just a thick mascara and light starwberry red lipstick which made her look so desirable!
Hold on Atharva! What are you thinking man!
You have to confront her! Take control!

She gave a short smile which obviously did not reach her beautiful eyes.

Atharva - Hye! Please have a seat! How have you been?

Namrata - Hi! Thank you! I have been good.

There was an awkward Silence between us.
A waiter came to take our order.

A Black Coffee!

A Cappuccino!

We both said at the same time.

Right away! Sir - Ma'am!

We just half smiled.

This is awkward! I have to initiate as I called her!
Don't beat around the Bush Athrava, just ask her!

Atharva - What made you change your decision, Namrata?

Namrata - Err...let's just say, I took your advice.!

Atharva (surprised) - Really!?!

Namrata - Look Atharva, I was never against marraige! It's just that....I did not want it to happen this soon! But, I have always been my daddy's girl ..and he thinks you are the one for me! So, I want to go on his words. I am ready to give us a chance if you are on the same know what I mean!

Atharva - Then why did you not say anything that day. It pretty much looked as if you were forced to marry me. Is that so?

Namrata - No! You seem to be mistaken. I never said, I didn't want to marry you...I just wanted a little more time to understand this bond that we will have to share...!

Atharva - Fair enough! But I still want to know if you really want to move on and are accepting us with an open heart!
Look Namrata, marraige is a lifetime commitment...may be more! I just want you to be sure!
As far as my decision is considered, I am very much happy with your happiness. I never had someone special to if I go ahead with this marriage, I want to put my 100% together in building our future together.

Namrata - You are a true gentleman Atharva! I would be lucky to be a part of your life.

Atharva (smiling) - So!?!

Namrata (nervous) - So?

Atharva ( smirking) - So-So what!?! I need to know if you are saying yes to us!

Namrata (smiling) - Yes, Mr. Singhania! I am saying yes to the wedding!

Atharva (smiling) - Thank you! And it's a Yes from me as well.

We both felt light hearted after the conversation. I asked if I could drop her off.

You want to spend time with her! Admit it!!!

But my car is here! - she said

I looked disappointed.

Fine! I will ask my driver to get the car.
Let's go together! - she said

And my heart is thumping!!!
She sure has some effect on me!

I opened the front door for her and quickly came to the driver's seat and ignited the engine.

Finally, we are really ready to take up this proposal ahead!
I hope we have a bright future together, filled with Happiness and Love.

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